Punish Sick Teen Who Duct-Taped And Fatally Stabbed Innocent Cat

Published: October 21, 2021 at 08:27 PM Author: Penny Eims

Johnson City, Tennessee. On April 18, 2021, a horrific discovery was made in the parking lot of the Appalachian Funeral Home in Johnson City, Tennessee. A fluffy orange and white cat had been brutally attacked and tortured – the body left behind like unwanted trash.

The cat’s paws were bound in duct-tape, there was obvious head trauma, and a bloodied screwdriver was found nearby.

The sick crime shocked people near and far, and Animal Victory had created a petition and offered a $500 reward with the hope that it would help the authorities find the person behind the criminal act.

Finally, an arrest has been made!! The authorities have identified 19-year-old Deamion R. Davis as the person responsible for torturing and killing the cat found in April.  On October 19, Davis was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty and booked into the Washington County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.

Forensic evidence evaluated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s laboratory led to Davis’ arrest.

More is now known about the victimized cat – according to an affidavit from Washington County General Sessions Court, the cat’s owner had left the feline with a friend while she went out of town. The cat, who was allowed to go outside, vanished on April 16. It has been reported that a woman who  “did not agree with how [the friend] was taking care of the cat,” had picked up the orange cat while it was outside and proceeded to give it away on Craigslist. The outcome of that woman’s actions is horrific.

The monster behind this heinous crime has been identified and charged; now we must collect as many signatures as possible to convince court officials that ONLY the maximum punishment for his charge will do. A slap on the wrist plea deal would only serve to diminish the seriousness of this criminal act. Please add your name today to put Deamion R. Davis away for as long as possible. We will also be asking the court to forbid Davis from owning, or living with, any animal in the future.

Find the original petition at this link.

Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law.

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*Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law.

Punish Sick Teen Who Duct-Taped And Fatally Stabbed Innocent Cat

17,653 signatures = 88% of goal

17,653 Dawn Ferrell Nov 25, 2021
17,652 Linda Coburn Put him in a prison for inmates to 'take care' of him. Nov 24, 2021
17,651 Jill Harris Nov 23, 2021
17,650 Charlotte Hoskins Nov 23, 2021
17,649 Phychopath and murderer!. He must rot in jail! camus monster and demon! Nov 23, 2021
17,648 Lea Derence Nov 23, 2021
17,647 Vass Carol Nov 22, 2021
17,646 Nancy Gann Where do these crazy people come from ? Nov 22, 2021
17,645 Rae Johnson Nov 22, 2021
17,644 Anita A. Pellegrino Put that depraved monster away in jail for decades. That woman who stole the cat & then foolishly put the cat on craigslist is to blame also & should face criminal charges. Repulsive both of them. Nov 22, 2021
17,643 Regina Boots Nov 22, 2021
17,642 Ellen Munoz Charge this monster to the fullest extent of the law for this heinous act!! Nov 22, 2021
17,641 Malek Mohamedova Nov 22, 2021
17,640 Jane Deanwood Nov 22, 2021
17,639 Jane Dunn provide counseling and community service. Watch this youth in the future. Something is not right. Nov 22, 2021
17,638 marilyn Sloper God will judge him better than any of us ever can. Nov 22, 2021
17,637 Linda Bordelon Max! Nov 22, 2021
17,636 Justine Haberman Nov 22, 2021
17,635 Melanie Jordan Nov 22, 2021
17,634 MARIE SAPANARO Nov 22, 2021
17,633 Edward Sapanaro Nov 22, 2021
17,632 Whitney Covert Nov 22, 2021
17,631 Catherine Burden Nov 22, 2021
17,630 maria soares Nov 22, 2021
17,629 CARLOS RODRIGUEZ Nov 22, 2021
17,628 Ann Stanhope Nov 21, 2021
17,627 Marie A Bannan Nov 21, 2021
17,626 Susan McTigue Nov 21, 2021
17,625 shirley stone Nov 21, 2021
17,624 Marie Pelfrey Nov 21, 2021

Update 11/8/2021: Animal Victory has sent 17,393 signatures along with our Petition Letter to General Sessions.