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Punish Man Who Dismembered Rabbit While Driving!

Published: November 24, 2020 at 09:57 AM Author: Penny Eims

Willington, Connecticut – A Connecticut man is facing multiple charges after the authorities discovered a recently dismembered rabbit inside of his vehicle. It is one of the most depraved acts of cruelty that we have encountered and 25-year-old Patryk Sochocki must pay for his crime!

Your signatures will be presented to officials along with a request for Sochocki to be sentenced to significant jail time!

Sochocki’s despicable act of cruelty was discovered on October 11 when police observed him swerving a vehicle being driven along Route 32 in Willington. When the police approached his car, they witnessed “chunks” of white fur on his shirt. The fur was from a recently purchased rabbit which Sochocki had maimed while driving!

Officers found the severely injured rabbit inside of the car – the innocent animal’s hind legs had been severed with a pair of scissors! Tragically, the mutilated rabbit was still alive and suffering when it was discovered – the animal had to be transported to a veterinarian to be humanely euthanized.

Sochocki is facing multiple charges, including:

First-degree wounding/killing of an animal, as well as use of drug paraphernalia, operating a motor vehicle under the influence and failure to drive in the proper lane.

Please sign this petition – Sochocki could be sentenced up to five years in prison. We want the prosecutor to know that a plea deal is not acceptable, and to see this cruel behavior punished to the fullest extent of the law!

Update 4/27/2022: Animal Victory has learned that court has been reset to 6/15/2022 at 10 a.m.

Update 3/4/2022: Animal Victory has sent 16,618 signatures and comments to Attorney Jackie Preville

Update 2/07/2022:Animal Victory has learned that the next court date is scheduled for 3/10/2022.

Update 8/17/2021: Animal Victory has learned that the next court date is scheduled for 9/22/2021.

Update 3/25/2021: Animal Victory has learned that the disposition court date is scheduled for April 15, 2021.

Update: 06/10/2020: Read our letter here

Update: 05/28/2020: Read our letter here

Update 05/26/2020: His court has been postponed three times. June 30th is the new court date.

Patryk tortured the live rabbit he had just purchased by cutting off its back legs and tail.

Please continue to sign and share! He has been charged with a felony.  

* Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



Punish Man Who Dismembered Rabbit While Driving!

1,842 signatures = 12% of goal

1,842 Cornelia Herschel Cut off the legs of this disgusting monster and let him croak!!!!!!!! Jul 01, 2022
1,841 Olga Espinoza Jun 23, 2022
1,840 Rochelle Massey Jun 21, 2022
1,839 Lisa Wolf Jun 05, 2022
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1,828 Janine Sanders May 02, 2022
1,827 Deborah knox Evil May 01, 2022
1,826 Janice Pemberton What a monster! Hey, do the same to him and make sure he's locked up and never sees the light of day again. Apr 30, 2022
1,825 Cheryl Harlow Apr 29, 2022
1,824 Mitra Pejman Apr 29, 2022
1,823 Frank Schultz Apr 24, 2022
1,822 Sydney Allrud Apr 10, 2022
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