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Woman Boasted That She ‘Smoked A Predator Wolf Pup,’ But She Actually Killed And Skinned A Dog

Published: October 04, 2022 at 04:14 PM Author: Penny Eims

Montana – A Montana woman has been under fire since late September when she proudly took to social media to boast about killing a wolf. Amber Rose posted multiple photos of the skinned animal, writing that it was a great feeling to be able to text “her man,” that she had “just smoked a wolf pup.”

But Amber Rose did not “smoke a wolf pup,” she killed a dog. A Siberian husky to be exact. People who viewed the disturbing images of the skinned dog were horrified and pointed out that the “wolf pup” was clearly a husky. One person stated that “even a child” would recognize that the dead animal was a dog.

Stock images of huskies

After Rose was called out by people outraged by her actions, she got defensive and changed her story from being immensely proud of killing a predator, to claiming self-defense, stating that the young dog was growling and trying to attack her.

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office released a statement advising that dogs had been abandoned in the Doris Creek area of the national forest. All but two were picked up and apparently, Amber Rose’s prized trophy was one of the abandoned pups.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Fish Wildlife & Parks Department have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

Please add your name to the petition if you believe that Amber Rose should face charges for killing this abandoned dog. At no point in her initial social media post did she claim that she felt threatened by the dog.

We the undersigned demand that Amber Rose be held accountable for shooting and skinning an animal that was clearly a dog. We want to see this woman face an animal cruelty charge for killing this abandoned husky. Further, given Amber Rose’s appalling behavior, we demand that her hunting license be permanently revoked. 

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Update 11/3/2022: Animal Victory has sent 15,080 signatures to ADA Michael Newman.

Update 10/31/2022: The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office has stated that Amber Rose Barnes has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office told NBC Montana that Barnes was not charged with a felony because they couldn’t prove intent. She pleaded not guilty to the charge on October 28. We will fight for the maximum misdemeanor charge.

Woman Boasted That She ‘Smoked A Predator Wolf Pup,’ But She Actually Killed And Skinned A Dog

15,237 signatures = 76% of goal


15,237 Iris Martin Being stupid is no excuse for her actions. If you own a gun and like killing animals, you better know how to I.D the animal. I hope she is fined and do whatever else she deserves. Horrible woman. Dec 01, 2022
15,236 Karen mercer Dec 01, 2022
15,235 Emilia Muntean Dec 01, 2022
15,234 irene antonucci Nov 30, 2022
15,233 sheri lane Nov 30, 2022
15,232 Mary Lanis Nov 29, 2022
15,231 Debra Emery Nov 29, 2022
15,230 Carolann Gilmartin Nov 29, 2022
15,229 Phillippa Hilsden Nov 29, 2022
15,228 Sandra Weyerman Nov 28, 2022
15,227 Viktorija Venslovaitė Nov 28, 2022
15,226 Erica Hernandez Nov 27, 2022
15,225 Shauna Allison Nov 27, 2022
15,224 Beatriz Centeno Nov 26, 2022
15,223 Maria Centeno Nov 26, 2022
15,222 Carol Davey Nov 26, 2022
15,221 Mia Lawrence Nov 26, 2022
15,220 Amy Klaus This is deplorable. Nov 25, 2022
15,219 Julie Nelson Nov 25, 2022
15,218 Darcie Prestis This woman is SICK !! Justice for this dog! Nov 24, 2022
15,217 Kathryn Walsh Nov 23, 2022
15,216 Tracey Howitt Nov 23, 2022
15,215 Larisa Romanova Nov 23, 2022
15,214 Daisy Mazariegos Nov 23, 2022
15,213 Elizabeth Tennison What a psychopath Nov 22, 2022
15,212 Maria Esperanza Delgado -Caldera Nov 22, 2022
15,211 Rina Eichhof smh Nov 22, 2022
15,210 Moyses Marcos Nov 22, 2022
15,209 Patrizia Galeotti Nov 22, 2022
15,208 Tina Black Nov 21, 2022