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Video Shows Puppies Cruelly Hurled Into South Carolina Lake

Published: April 07, 2022 at 03:27 PM Author: Penny Eims

Abbeville, SC – Days ago, a man fishing from a small boat at Jim Rampey recreation park/boat ramp in Lownedsville, South Carolina, bore witness to a cruel situation that has sparked widespread outrage thanks to video evidence that he was able to capture.

The man told journalist Cody Alcorn that he was fishing last Sunday when he noticed a group of laughing men on the bank; he decided to take a closer look. The man said that he watched someone in the group hurl two pitbull puppies into the lake, explaining why he decided to get a video of what was happening:

He said he wanted to get it on video before confronting them as it would be one word against the other. It didn’t take long once they noticed him watching/recoding they took off.

Abbeville County Captain Matthew Graham was able to speak with the witness and he learned that the puppies were repeatedly hurled into the water, even though it was only captured once on video. Captain Graham commented on the situation, stating, “We’re not going to tolerate any kind of cruelty towards animals.”

The video circulated widely on social media and enough tips were made to the authorities that Captain Graham was able to confirm to Animal Victory that one man was arrested and another was identified and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. Captain Graham did not release the names of the suspects or provide information about the current status of the puppies who were thrown into the lake.

We need your signatures on the petition to help ensure that this animal cruelty case does not get swept under the rug and these individuals do not get a slap on the wrist for their vile actions. We know that people are outraged and we all want to see these men appropriately punished for what they did.

We the undersigned demand that the men responsible for repeatedly hurling these puppies into the lake are held responsible for their appalling behavior. We are petitioning for these individuals to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law and to be prohibited from owning pets in the future.

Update 4/6/2023: Animal Victory sent cover letter and petition to the judge. 

Update 1/27/2023: Animal Victory spoke to the clerk’s office, and learned that they are not on the docket yet; they’ve had their appearances, so now it is up to the solicitor when they go back to court.

Update 2/2/2023: AV spoke to the clerk’s office and they are not on the docket yet, They’ve had their appearances, so now it is up to the solicitor when they go back to court.

Update 6/09/2022: Animal Victory has learned that both defendants are due in Abbeville County Court on June 24, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. Both men have been arrested at this time. Animal Victory has sent 19,454 signatures to Solicitor Michael Black who is representing the state.

Allen‘s charges here

Hufflin‘s charges here

Update 4/8/2022: After the publication of this petition, new information regarding the case was made available to the public. On Thursday, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Calvin Bynes Hufflin, of Anderson, for ill-treatment of animals, and seized one of the puppies (who is now in the care of a local animal shelter). An arrest warrant has been issued for Carondus Moreck Allen, of Anderson. Allen is facing the same ill-treatment of animals charge and it is believed that he is in possession of the other puppy. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Carondus Moreck Allen is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (864) 446-6000.

Calvin Hufflin (left) and Carondus Allen (right) (Source: Abbeville County Sheriff’s Office)

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Click link below to view video.

Fox 46

CBS 17


Video Shows Puppies Cruelly Hurled Into South Carolina Lake

19,955 signatures = 100% of goal


19,955 Sherrie Darce Sep 30, 2023
19,954 Sally Wood Can we throw these two in the lake with some lead shoes on? Just asking...... Sep 24, 2023
19,953 karen Wible Sep 13, 2023
19,952 Nina Carey Sep 03, 2023
19,951Anonymous Aug 28, 2023
19,950 E Froederberg Aug 16, 2023
19,949 Sheryl Myhan Aug 14, 2023
19,948 Linda DeBoer Jul 25, 2023
19,947 Dr Tracey Reed B.V.M.S. Jul 24, 2023
19,946 Rhonda Morris Jul 20, 2023
19,945 Crissy Jacobson Jul 17, 2023
19,944 Jason Cuevas Jul 16, 2023
19,943 Deborah Smith Jul 14, 2023
19,942 Kim Marchant Straight to jail for life Jul 13, 2023
19,941 Gina Badami Jul 08, 2023
19,940 Mary E Rosenberry Jul 07, 2023
19,939 Ron Morales Jun 14, 2023
19,938 Quade Prescott Jun 04, 2023
19,937 Allan Rubin May 28, 2023
19,936 Kristofor Bloomquist May 16, 2023
19,935 Helen Sullivant May 08, 2023
19,934 Shelley Smith May 06, 2023
19,933 Krista Sanders May 01, 2023
19,932 Kathy Hamilton May 01, 2023
19,931 Crystal Taylor Apr 14, 2023
19,930 Gabriela Barberio Apr 14, 2023
19,929 Dean Francois Apr 13, 2023
19,928 Duangphorn Van strien Apr 02, 2023
19,927 ROSSELLO Brigitte Mar 14, 2023
19,926 M W Mar 12, 2023