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Vicious Youths Terrorize Dog, Shoving Head Underwater While Laughing

Published: September 16, 2020 at 08:30 AM Author: Penny Eims

Shreveport, Los Angeles – Late last week, vicious youths terrorized a dog, shoving her head under water in a drainage ditch, and throwing the hapless pooch through the air and into a pond. The horrible incident was captured on video and it is now being investigated by the Caddo Parish Animal Control.

We want these cruel kids to be found and punished! Please share this petition to help raise awareness of this crime, and add your name to let the authorities know that we CARE about cases of animal abuse!

This terrible incident allegedly took place in Shreveport, Louisiana. The vile footage was uploaded to Instagram on an account belonging to @blkbbydbo.

The footage is difficult to watch…the whimpering dog is callously carried to a watery drainage ditch and her head was plunged beneath the water while another laughing youth not only recorded the incident but cruelly told the person grasping the dog’s head to “hold it.” The footage continues after the dog is pulled from the water and runs away.

Once again, the dog is terrorized when two of the youths pick her up and hurl her into a muddy puddle.

This behavior is absolutely sickening and these people must be found and punished! The Shreveport Police have been notified, and the Caddo Parish Animal Control Agency is investigating. Please add your name to this petition and share it widely. These miscreants must be found and held accountable for their abhorrent behavior.

Video (warning, it is highly disturbing!) can be found on Facebook (Animal Hope and Wellness page) here.

Note: We are unaware of the dog’s current whereabouts. From the video it appears that she ran away, but this cannot be confirmed.


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Daily Star

Update 10/20/2020: Read Our Letter to Caddo Parish Attorney Donna Frazier here

Update 9/21/2020: Animal Victory has spoken with the Shreveport Animal Control, as well as with the local sheriff’s office – both report receiving an “outpouring of calls” regarding this cruel situation. The authorities are unable to release any information about their investigation at this time. We have been assured that all of the evidence collected during this investigation will be turned over to the district attorney’s office. Animal Victory will be in contact with the District Attorney and will update all again. Please continue to sign and share.

* Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



Vicious Youths Terrorize Dog, Shoving Head Underwater While Laughing

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174 DeAnn Hill Jun 30, 2022
173 Olga Espinoza Jun 23, 2022
172 Cornelia Herschel Human beasts like these disgusting animal torturers deserve to be tortured themselves. I hate these vile monsters so much that I would like to put every single one of them in a sack and set it on fire!!!!!!! Jun 22, 2022
171 Rochelle Massey Jun 21, 2022
170 Angela Steinberg Jun 18, 2022
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160 Angela Dennis May 05, 2022
159 Deborah knox If you don't put this evil person away he will do the same to a child. Evil. May 01, 2022
158 Cheryl Harlow Apr 29, 2022
157 Mitra Pejman Apr 29, 2022
156 Frank Schultz Apr 24, 2022
155 Paula McCarthy Apr 23, 2022
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