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Vegas Chick-Fil-A Operator Facing Felony Charges For Beating And Shooting Cat

Published: April 28, 2021 at 05:16 AM Author: Penny Eims

Las Vegas, Nevada – A Las Vegas, Nevada, Chick-Fil-A operator, and his grown son, are facing felony charges for killing a neighborhood cat. The authorities have named Karl and Logan Garcia as the men who allowed dogs to surround the cat in their backyard, and then viciously kill him.

Karl Garcia initially told the authorities that the cat attacked his dogs, but a Ring video revealed the truth – the dogs had surrounded the cat and neither Karl or his son attempted to get them away. The video also showed the cat being beaten with a bat, shot with a BB gun, and finally killed with a .22 caliber gun.

Please sign the petition today – we want to see Karl and Logan held accountable for their actions! Taco deserves justice.

On April 14, when the police responded to a call about shots fired on Saxon Canyon Street, Karl Garcia tried to convince them that the neighbor’s cat, Taco, had attacked his three dogs in his backyard. A review of video footage revealed that Taco was surrounded by the dogs, and then beaten, before being shot at close range.

The arrest report indicates that Taco was hit several times with a bat, then shot with a BB gun, and finally killed with a .22 caliber gun. The responding officers have stated that they felt the cat would have fled the yard if the dogs would have been taken inside of the home.

These men are now facing a slew of charges. Karl Garcia was arrested on felony charges of willful/malicious torture or killing of a cat/animal, five counts of discharging a gun where others might be endangered, conspiracy to kill/maim/disfigure/poison animal of another, and destroy/conceal evidence.

Logan Garcia was arrested on a felony count of willful/malicious torture or killing of a cat/animal and a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to kill/maim/disfigure/poison an animal of another and destroy/concealing evidence.

Please sign today – Taco deserves justice for having his life snuffed out so cruelly. Together, we will petition court officials to hold Karl and his son accountable for their actions!

Note: Karl Garcia is reported to be the operator of the Chick-Fil-A located at 1720 W. Craig Road.



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Update 6/08/2022: Animal Victory has learned that court has been pushed to November 2022.

Update 3/14/2022: Animal Victory has learned that there is a Calendar call on 5/2/2022, and the jury trial begins on 5/9/2022.

Update 2/22/2022: Animal Victory has learned that [10] Defendant’s Motion to Request an O.R. and Return of Defendant’s Animals (3 Dogs) is scheduled for 3/2/2022 at 2:30 PM

Update 2/21/2022: Animal Victory has sent  17,148 signatures to Attorney Steven Wolfson.

Update 2/7/2022: Animal Victory has learned that Logan Garcia’s trial will begin on 5/02/2022. Karl Garcia has petitioned the court for the return of his three dogs. He has a Calendar call court date scheduled on 5/02/2022, with the jury trial scheduled to begin on 5/09/2022.

Update 11/09/2021: Animal Victory has sent an additional 1219 signatures for a total of 15,999 supporters, to District Attorney Steven Wolfson. The court is scheduled for November 9.

Update 08/26/2021: Animal Victory has learned that court is continued to October 5, 2021.

Update 5/10/2021: The court date is May 17, 2021.  Animal Victory has sent 14,781 signatures and comments along with our petition letter to District Attorney Steven Wolfson.

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.




Vegas Chick-Fil-A Operator Facing Felony Charges For Beating And Shooting Cat

6,077 signatures = 41% of goal


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