Undercover Video Captures Appalling Conditions Inside Of ‘Certified Humane’ Chicken Slaughterhouse

Published: October 06, 2021 at 03:33 PM Author: Penny Eims

Livingston, California: An undercover video, posted to YouTube by Direct Action Everywhere (DxE)  on Sept. 28, reveals appalling conditions inside of a Foster Farms slaughterhouse in Livingston, California.

Foster Farms boasts about being “American Humane Association Certified,” and part of that certification is the company’s promise that the chickens they raise are free from hunger or thirst, discomfort, injury, pain, or disease, as well as freedom from cages, and freedom from fear and distress.

These promises are in stark contrast to the horror recorded on the undercover video.

Injured birds are tossed into piles on the ground, still alive, but buried beneath other birds. Chickens are shackled upside down in order to put them in a stun bath before the slaughter, but not all of the birds are stunned.

Christina Liu, with DxE, said:

“Animals are being eviscerated alive — right here, right now. These practices are horrifying and illegal … but they’re also business-as-usual for the factory farming industry.”

And the employees forced to work in these conditions are suffering as well. The videographer states:

“The company has specifically created this situation where you’re literally killing hundreds of thousands of animals, you’re being treated like a machine.”

Activists organized a protest at the facility, which coincided with the release of the undercover video. The protest led to multiple arrests, on charges of trespassing and resisting a public officer, and they were held on $50,000 bonds.

Watch the undercover video yourself, and be the judge – do these conditions align with the Foster Farms commitment to treating chickens they raise “humanely?”

Join us in asking the CEO of Foster Farms, as well as the USDA, which oversees factory farming to investigate this cruelty, and improve conditions. Until that time, Foster Farms foods should be boycotted.


The Intercept

YouTube video

Undercover Video Captures Appalling Conditions Inside Of 'Certified Humane' Chicken Slaughterhouse

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