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Teeth Pulled, Emaciated and Forced to Fight – Punish Accused Dog Fighters!

Published: February 14, 2020 at 06:49 AM Author: Penny Eims

Spencer, Oklahoma – A couple in Spencer, Oklahoma is facing charges for suspected dog-fighting activities. Officials seized 24 injured and neglected dogs who were branded, emaciated, missing teeth and generally “traumatized,” from being forced into violent fighting contests.

Casper Ingram and his wife Celeste Ingram are the couple accused of owning the dogs and running the illegal operation – they are facing 21 counts of animal cruelty and facilitating dog fighting.

Please sign this petition to help ensure that this couple gets the maximum sentence for the charges they are facing. Dog-fighting is a brutal, disgusting blood “sport,” which must be stopped.

According to a police affidavit, a veterinarian found “tag marks, scars, open wounds, including some that were infected, fresh scabs, pressure sores” on the dogs seized from the property. The dogs were “chained to heavy stakes and logging chains,” according to a court affidavit.

Had these dogs not been discovered, they would have continued to live a miserable existence on the end of a heavy logging chain. They would have been forced into pits to be ripped apart and their lives would be filled with pain and suffering.

Casper and Celeste Ingram must pay for their crimes! Casper has prior felony convictions for drug-related offenses – enough is enough! Help us send a message that these people must be put away!


Update 11/08/2021: Animal Victory has learned that Celeste Ingram entered a negotiated plea of guilty; sentencing is deferred until 4/22/2028 (7 years) She will be supervised by the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections. Ingram was assessed a $2,100 fine, $945 VCA, $150 MHA and court costs.

Casper Ingram was sentenced to seven years in the custody of the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections (with credit for time served) Ingram was ordered to pay a $1050 fine, $945 VCA, and court costs. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition to help bring about a successful resolution to this case!

Update 7/12/2021: Animal Victory has learned that the defendant entered a blind plea of guilty – sentencing is scheduled for August 25, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

Update 3/30/2021: Animal Victory sent 24,639 signatures to Attorney Tiffany Noble today. Read our letter here.

Update 3/5/2021: Animal Victory has been informed that the call docket is set for April 23. Jury trial is scheduled for April 26, with Judge Ray C. Elliot presiding.

Update 12/4/2020: Animal Victory has been informed that this case is expected to be continued to next year.

Update 10/27/2020: Read our letter to Prosecutor Tiffany Noble here

Update 7/16/2020: We have been informed that the prosecutor in this case is Tiffany Nobel. The next scheduled court date is Aug. 18. The accused are currently out on bail.

Update 6/17/2020: Please read our letter here


* Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Teeth Pulled, Emaciated and Forced to Fight – Punish Accused Dog Fighters!

155 signatures = 1% of goal


155 mark gillono Apr 26, 2022
154 Susan Little Dirt bag should be punished! How cruel. Apr 25, 2022
153 Kathleen Husband Lawmakers,Prosecutors and judges aren't doing near enough to stop this. Apr 25, 2022
152 Carrie Pettigrew Please must be severely punished Apr 25, 2022
151 Amy Harris Apr 25, 2022
150 Shirley Adams Definitely this guy needs to go to prison for for at least maybe more year for each dog that he treated like this on his property. So sick of this insane and horrific and horrible abuse of animals. Apr 25, 2022
149 Sherri Adams Apr 25, 2022
148 Deborah Nelson Need to go to prison Apr 25, 2022
147 Butch Burgin I am really tired of people getting minimal time, with probation, or no punishment for animal cruelty cases. Oklahoma (and Texas), you can do so much better. Apr 25, 2022
146 Ron and Ann Radebaugh Apr 25, 2022
145 Mia Hagin Absolutely horrific what they Ingrams have done to these dogs. Research has proven where there is animal abuse there are a list of more felonies. Animal abuse never stops with just animals. They need to do hard time! Let’s rid Oklahoma of dog fighters. Apr 25, 2022
144 Frank Schultz Apr 24, 2022
143 Caroline Van Haeften Apr 21, 2022
142 Rhonda Poore Apr 21, 2022
141 Sydney Allrud Apr 10, 2022
140 Michael Casella Apr 08, 2022
139 Juliana Jordan-Huber Apr 05, 2022
138 ernest glover Apr 01, 2022
137 Jocelyn Warburton Apr 01, 2022
136 kliontia-kalia konstantinou Mar 25, 2022
135 S. McConnell Mar 23, 2022
134 sari larue Mar 23, 2022
133 Nicole Cervino PEINE DE MORT...!!!!! Mar 19, 2022
132 Xiomy Velez SICKENING!!! JUSTICE AND PUNISHMENT Mar 08, 2022
131 James McVey Mar 07, 2022
130 miriam taylor-east Mar 05, 2022
129 Pamela M Mar 05, 2022
128 Julie Houle Feb 27, 2022
127 Chloe-Nicole Bignoux Feb 27, 2022
126 Laura Cronick He should lose his license as well Feb 26, 2022