Teen Arrested After Snapchat Video Shows Him Torturing And Killing Tiny Kittens

Published: August 05, 2022 at 11:08 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Oxford, Mississippi – A teenager has been arrested and charged after a Snapchat video showed him torturing and killing tiny kittens. Carl Travis Jr., 18, took a video of himself brutalizing the kittens and uploaded the video to social media – it was his own recordings that led the authorities to arrest and charge him with felony animal cruelty.

The video footage is heartbreaking and reveals how depraved Travis is. He picks up one of the tiny kittens who are snuggled together in a bin…saying, “one of these has gotta die.” The video shows him throwing a kitten into the air and slamming it with a large object.

Another kitten is smashed with a heavy object.

Another kitten is fatally stabbed.

Suffice to say, Travis’ behavior was sadistic. He methodically killed four kittens in an apparent attempt to entertain himself. Three other kittens survived and are now safe.

A good Samaritan got the Snapchat video to Doll Stanley, with In Defense of Animals, and she promptly got the footage to the authorities.

The Grenada Police Department and the Oxford Police Department worked together to arrest Travis on one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty; he is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Please add your name to the petition. We want to see Travis held fully accountable for his depraved actions and your support will help make this happen!

We the undersigned demand that Carl Travis Jr. is held responsible for brutally and methodically killing four innocent kittens. We are petitioning for Travis Jr. to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for the felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty. We also implore the district attorney to ensure that this teen face ADDITIONAL charges for ALL of the kittens who lost their lives at his hands. We also want this young man to receive a full mental evaluation and receive treatment if professionals determine that it is warranted. Finally, we want Carl Travis Jr. to be permanently banned from owning or residing with an animal.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



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Update 02/27/2024: This case is still active. We are waiting for the trial date. Please continue to sign.

Update 9/11/2023: Carl Travis, Jr. has not yet pled in this case. His arraignment court date is 9/26/2023. Link to the court status.

Update 1/30/2023: Animal Victory sent cover letter and petition to the judge. 

Update 1/17/2023: Animal Victory spoke to the criminal court’s clerk, and verified the defendant’s capias is still active. The defendant was ordered to show up last week and failed to show. Benjamin F Creekmore is the primary attorney on the case and is in possession of our petition and your signatures. Please continue to sign the petition.

Update 9/12/2022: Animal Victory has sent 16,916 signatures along with our petition to Prosecuting attorney Tiffany Kilpatrick. A court date has been set for September 26, 2022.

Update 9/7/2022: Animal Victory has sent 16,916 signatures to three Circuit Deputy clerks to hold for documentation until the prosecuting attorney can be assigned.

Update 8/12/2022: Animal Victory has learned that Travis Jr. is out on bond. According to the court clerk, a prosecutor has not been assigned to this case and it could take quite some time before anyone is assigned. Animal Victory will continue to follow this case, for as long as it takes.

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Teen Arrested After Snapchat Video Shows Him Torturing And Killing Tiny Kittens

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