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South Carolina Man Faces Multiple Cruelty Charges For Abandonment Of 14 Dogs And Puppies

Published: November 21, 2020 at 09:16 AM Author: Penny Eims

Georgetown, South Carolina – A 24-year-old South Carolina man is facing multiple animal cruelty charges after authorities in Georgetown County discovered abandoned dogs and puppies on property located at a residence on Brothers Lane, in Georgetown. According to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, Steven Graham is the man identified as the responsible party for 14 dogs and puppies who were left without care.

Please sign this petition today! We want to see Graham receive the maximum sentence for his 14 counts of animal cruelty. A plea deal will only diminish what he has done!

According to a news release from the sheriff’s office, not only were malnourished dogs and puppies discovered on chains and in cages, but skeletons of dogs who did not survive were found as well.

The full release from the sheriff’s office outlines the grim discovery:

Steven Graham, 24, of Big Dam Swamp Road, Andrews, is being held in Georgetown County Detention Center on the charges after deputies were alerted about dogs being left chained and in cages without food or clean water. One adult dog and seven puppies were left inside the mobile home while others were chained outside. They appeared emaciated, and some had sores. A number of dog skeletons were found in the yard.

The surviving dogs and puppies were in poor health and are now being cared for at the St. Frances Animal Center.

How does someone turn their back on 14 (+) lives? How does someone simply allow dogs and puppies to suffer on chains, and in cages, without food or water? Graham must be severely punished for his cruel lack of compassion for these dogs. Please sign today to let the court officials know that we care about this case and want to see a fitting punishment. Graham must not only face jail time, but he needs to be banned (for life!) from owning any pets in the future. These lives mattered.

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Final Update 7/11/2022: Animal Victory has learned that Graham was sentenced on 6/1/2022 after pleading guilty. His sentence includes three years in prison, serving only 9 days, with 18 months of supervised probation, 100 hours of public service, and “zero-tolerance” for possession of animals. While we are unhappy that Graham will not be spending the full sentence in prison, we are pleased that the case was not dismissed and that he was held accountable by the court for his actions. We thank everyone who took the time to sign the petition and help Animal Victory fight for justice. 

Update 5/31/2022: Animal Victory has sent 13,379 signatures to Vanessa Bell the victim’s advocate for sentencing this week.

Update 1/18/2021: Initial Court was on 1/08/2021, next up is roll call on 2/19/2020.

Update 1/4/2021: Read our letter to Prosecutor Martin Spratin here



South Carolina Man Faces Multiple Cruelty Charges For Abandonment Of 14 Dogs And Puppies

177 signatures = 1% of goal


177 Kate Thornton Jul 07, 2022
176 Lisa Stoneham You need to be sent to an abandoned island with nothing to eat! Jul 05, 2022
175 Martine Dauguet Jun 24, 2022
174 Cornelia Herschel This disgusting monster must suffer and die in the cruelest way, just like these innocent animals!!!!!! Jun 23, 2022
173 Olga Espinoza Jun 23, 2022
172 Angela Steinberg Jun 18, 2022
171 Debbie Mccollum Jun 12, 2022
170 Carie Matriciano Jun 02, 2022
169 Grace Vendemio Jun 02, 2022
168 Sara Sampkin May 29, 2022
167 Janice VanMarter May 29, 2022
166 Patti Molero May 14, 2022
165 Alessia Di Buono May 14, 2022
164 Ava Fox May 06, 2022
163 Ava Fox May 06, 2022
162 Adrienne Kaiser May 05, 2022
161 Angela Dennis May 05, 2022
160 Cheryl Harlow Apr 29, 2022
159 Mitra Pejman Apr 29, 2022
158 Frank Schultz Apr 24, 2022
157 Caroline Van Haeften Steven Graham needs to be thrown in jail! What kind of human being could do this? An Evil one. Despicable, ignorant, cold, callous & brain dead stupid idiot. Apr 21, 2022
155 Roslyn Pollinger Apr 20, 2022
154 Sydney Allrud Apr 10, 2022
153 Michael Casella Apr 08, 2022
152 Juliana Jordan-Huber Apr 05, 2022
151 Jocelyn Warburton Apr 01, 2022
150 kliontia-kalia konstantinou Mar 25, 2022
149 S. McConnell Mar 21, 2022
148 Nicole Cervino PEINE DE MORT...!!!!! Mar 19, 2022