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Slow Death Leaves Unwanted Pets Gasping For Air – End Gas Chamber ‘Euthanasia’ Now!

Published: June 19, 2021 at 05:18 AM Author: Penny Eims

Utah, Wyoming, Ohio, and Missouri – By definition, euthanasia means An easy, tranquil death; death of an easy, painless kind. n. An easy death; a mode of dying to be desired. But this is not what happens to unwanted pets who are crammed into a small chamber to be killed with carbon monoxide. These cats and dogs suffer a slow, agonizing death that can take upwards of 30 minutes.

Please join us as we petition Congress to outlaw gas chamber “euthanasia” in every state. Currently, Utah, Wyoming, Ohio, and Missouri still allow this horrible method of killing to be used. Please sign today to make it illegal in EVERY state!

Animal welfare experts agree that gas chambers are inhumane. And these sentient creatures know what lies ahead…an excerpt from a so-called shelter “gas chamber man,” reads:

It’s now time, to put these animals in the gas chamber. I put my ear plugs in, and when I go to the collect the dogs, the dogs are so excited to see me, that they jump up to kiss me and think they are going to play. I put them in the rolling cage and take them to the gas chamber. They know. They just know. They can smell the death.. They can smell the fear. They start whimpering the second I put them in the box.

There is no excuse for using these chambers of death and it is high time that every state acknowledges that this method is unnecessary and inhumane. We are petitioning members of Congress to pass a law that will ban this method of “euthanasia” in each and every state of our nation. Unwanted companion animals deserve better than this and we have the power to band together and let our nation’s leaders know that this practice must come to an end today.

Please add your name to the petition!

Read the entire letter from the “Gas chamber man” at this link. A word of warning, this is an unbelievably heartbreaking explanation of what happens.

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Update February 2022

We are excited to share positive updates with regard to the use of gas chambers for animal “euthanasia” in the United States. Earlier this month, the bill to ban the use of gas chambers in Utah, Senate Bill 69, passed unanimously in the Senate and moved on to the House Committee. The bill has been held up in the House and has not yet passed, but progress is being made.

Erie County Dog Warden in Ohio was the last facility using gas chambers to put down pets; in 2021, the gas chamber was removed.

In Wyoming, the city of Green River decided this month to abolish gas chambers, but there is still one city, Evanston, that has them in use.

We will continue to push for the complete elimination of every gas chamber in the United States. Please add your name to the petition today!

Update 12/21/2021: Animal Victory has sent 21298 signatures along with our petition letters to Wyoming, Utah, and Missouri Members of Congress as well as the governor of each state. Missouri Members of Congress 12.21.21 Wyoming Members of Congress 12.21.21 Utah Members of Congress 12.21.21


Petition Letter

Gas Chamber Map

Animal-Protection-Laws-of-Ohio-2020-Animal-Legal-Defense-Fund (1)

Slow Death Leaves Unwanted Pets Gasping For Air - End Gas Chamber 'Euthanasia' Now!

16,707 signatures = 67% of goal


16,707 Sally Wood Absolutely no excuse for this barbaric method anymore, just lazy cheapass vets using it. Ban it, no excuses Sep 30, 2023
16,706 Sherrie Darce Sep 30, 2023
16,705 karen Wible Sep 22, 2023
16,704Anonymous Aug 28, 2023
16,703 E Froederberg Aug 17, 2023
16,702 linda deboer Jul 25, 2023
16,701 Dr Tracey Reed B.V.M.S. Jul 24, 2023
16,700 Jason Cuevas Jul 16, 2023
16,699 Kim Marchant Straight to jail for life Jul 13, 2023
16,698 Gina Badami Jul 08, 2023
16,697 Nina Williams Jul 03, 2023
16,696 Nancy Stephan Jun 23, 2023
16,695 Quade Prescott Jun 04, 2023
16,694 Allan Rubin May 20, 2023
16,693 Shelley Smith May 06, 2023
16,692 Pamela Diggs May 04, 2023
16,691 Kathy Hamilton May 01, 2023
16,690 Christina Lander Apr 28, 2023
16,689 Alisha Adams Apr 27, 2023
16,688 Maria Harmon Apr 22, 2023
16,687 Gabriela Barberio Apr 14, 2023
16,686 Vicky Elwell Apr 12, 2023
16,685 Terri Blackburn A gas chamber is beyond evil and abuse! Horrific that they would make dogs and cats suffer this just because thei hum man’s failed them!!!! Gas chambers have to be outlawed immediately! We don’t even put nursery and serial killers in a gas chamber!!!!!! We have to fight for better laws to protect our animals and for real punishments for abusers!!!! Apr 02, 2023
16,684 Adrienne Venditti SHUT THESE GAS CHAMBER PLACES DOWN NOW.. PLEASE Mar 30, 2023
16,683 Alana Ambrose Mar 08, 2023
16,682 Beverly Olson Mar 03, 2023
16,681 Nancy Donnelly Mar 03, 2023
16,680 Marlena Wojciechowska Mar 03, 2023
16,679 Mary Gibson Mar 03, 2023
16,678 Chris Leverich Mar 01, 2023