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Sled Dogs Gassed, Hanged, And Frozen: Three People Are Facing Animal Cruelty Charges

Published: September 19, 2022 at 08:10 PM Author: Penny Eims

Quebec, Canada – Three people associated with the Expedition Mi-Loup sled dog company in Saint-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, are facing animal cruelty charges after an investigation revealed appalling cruelty that left dozens of sled dogs dead. The deep dive into what was happening at the sled dog company began after a tip was received in April 2022.

The investigation led to the discovery of abhorrent methods to kill unwanted dogs and puppies. Officials allege that Antoine Simard, 41, Elisabeth Leclerc, 39, and 58-year-old Édouard Parent took part in horrific “euthanization” methods including a homemade gas chamber where dogs were killed with welding gas.

Other dogs were killed via methods including hanging, drowning, and being shot.

Animal rights activist Shay Lee, who visited the property,  told CTV News:

“Witnessing the dog and puppies in the freezer was truly horrifying, but it was necessary for me to see to be able to expose this injustice.”

Anne Shaughnessy accompanied Lee to the sled dog business and she commented on the horror she witnessed:

“Seeing the rudimentary contraption the owners made to gas puppies was shocking. Opening a large freezer and finding young and older dogs frozen to death hit me hard. Learning that dogs at Mi-loup were shot, drowned, gassed and hanged shook me to my core.”

These dogs were bred to be exploited, and those who were unwanted were killed in despicable, cruel ways. Sled dogs are not different from other dogs. They desire love and comfort just like pet dogs. And by definition, euthanasia is “painless killing to end suffering.” The way these dogs were killed WAS NOT euthanasia and it is absolutely unacceptable! Please add your name to the petition to help Animal Victory fight for justice.

We the undersigned demand that Antoine Simard, Elisabeth Leclerc, and Édouard Parent are held responsible for using cruel methods to kill unwanted dogs and puppies at the Expedition Mi-Loup sled dog company. We are fighting for the maximum punishment allowable by law for the individuals who took part in these abhorrent methods of “euthanasia.”

Additional information: The company is out of business and the surviving dogs were all rehomed. The three people facing animal cruelty charges are due in court on November 16, 2022.

Watch this W5 documentary to better understand the ugly side of the sled dog industry, including what was happening at the Mi-Loup Sled Dog Company

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


CTV News

Montreal CTV News

W5 Documentary: Uncovering the shocking treatment of sled dogs in Canada

Update: 10/12/2022: Animal Victory has sent our petition along with 16,260 signatures to the  Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

Update: 10/4/2022: The accused are expected to appear in court on November 16.

Sled Dogs Gassed, Hanged, And Frozen: Three People Are Facing Animal Cruelty Charges

16,798 signatures = 84% of goal


16,798 Pat Wyman Jan 30, 2023
16,797 Debra Gamble Jan 29, 2023
16,796 Faye Wetzel Jan 29, 2023
16,795 Terri Blackburn This is horrific cruelty abuse torture and killing of defenseless dogs! They need to be severely punished and rot in jail permanently! What they did was evil and horrific! All dog sledding should be outlawed and permanently shut down! Jan 29, 2023
16,794 Phil Tamer Jan 29, 2023
16,793 margaret weatherbee People amaze me on how they abuse animals in heinous ways. They must be evaluated mentally and institutionalized for the all good of humanity, animals and humans! Jan 29, 2023
16,792 Sherri Evans Jan 29, 2023
16,791 Ruth Ann Sforza Jan 29, 2023
16,790 Jean Wright Jan 29, 2023
16,789 Natasha Williams Jan 29, 2023
16,788 Terry Wormley Jan 29, 2023
16,787 Michael Ciocci Jan 28, 2023
16,786 Ethel Riegel Jan 28, 2023
16,785 Lisa Odabashian Jan 28, 2023
16,784 Carla Ellis Jan 28, 2023
16,783 Jennifer Borrero Jan 28, 2023
16,782 Gareth Edwards Jan 28, 2023
16,781 Jane Toop Jan 28, 2023
16,780 Lynda Lyons Jan 28, 2023
16,779 Doreen Sanchez These cruel individuals need to be punished for their crimes. Jan 28, 2023
16,778 Joan Miller These monsters should be harshly punished and never allowed to have any animals again. Jan 28, 2023
16,777 Michel Macadoux Jan 28, 2023
16,776 Pamela Webb Jan 28, 2023
16,775 Lee Ozer Jan 28, 2023
16,774 ROBYN WOODLEE Jan 28, 2023
16,773 Patricia Dereszewski Jan 28, 2023
16,772 Matthias Blackwell Jan 28, 2023
16,771 Marion Tanriverdi-Blackwell Jan 28, 2023
16,770 Tamera Bell Please stop all evil people Jan 28, 2023
16,769 Silvia Marella Jan 28, 2023