Sign: Puppy Severely Burned And Abandoned In Parking Lot

Published: May 15, 2024 at 07:03 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

San Bernardino, CA – San Bernardino city officials are hoping to find the person who severely burned a three-month-old puppy who was abandoned in a parking lot. The pup, dubbed Ember, survived the cruel act but she was left with devastating, widespread injuries over much of her body.

According to a press release from the city, Ember and another puppy were abandoned in the parking lot of a veterinary clinic on West Highland Avenue on April 4. The pups were taken to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter and Ember’s wounds were evaluated by veterinary staff.

The release states:

The burns Ember suffered are severe. Based upon how and where the puppies were
found, it is believed this may have been an intentional act of animal cruelty. The vet has
determined the injuries and wounds were likely caused by fire.

Animal Victory hopes to raise awareness of cruel incident with the hopes that the perpetrator(s) will be found and brought to justice. Please add your name to the petition today! Ember suffered horribly and whoever is responsible MUST be held accountable.


If you have any information regarding this case, including information regarding the dog’s
owners or details leading to the individual(s) responsible, please contact the San
Bernardino Animal Services Department at (909) 384-1304 and reference A563955.

Target: San Bernardino Police Department

We the undersigned demand the San Bernardino Police Department fully investigate this cruel situation to help identify the person(s) responsible for burning Ember. If the investigation confirms that this puppy was intentionally harmed, someone must be arrested and charged. Anyone capable of harming an innocent puppy is a danger to society and must be held accountable. 


City of San Bernardino Press Release



Puppy Severely Burned And Abandoned In Parking Lot

9,080 signatures = 45% of goal

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9,080 Nicole T. 0 May 26, 2024
9,079 Michelle C. 0 May 26, 2024
9,078 Lisa J. 0 May 26, 2024
9,077 June B. Who ever did this should be strung up. What a nasty cruel, evil subhuman 0 May 26, 2024
9,076 LuAnn S. I am praying that the person or persons who did this are held accountable. If this was done intentional it is sick and depraved behavoior. Kind of scary really because if someone could do this to a 3 month old puppy who knows what else they are capable of. 0 May 26, 2024
9,075 Maryann K. 0 May 26, 2024
9,074 Pamela M. 0 May 26, 2024
9,073 Lorien K. 0 May 26, 2024
9,072 Irena B. "Wie kann der Mensch ein Tier als Biest bezeichnen, da er doch diese Bezeichnung selber verdient! ) - "Tier hat Freude und Schmerz wie du, das Tier hat einen Hang zum Streben wie du, das Tier hat ein Recht zu leben wie du.“ Michel de Montaigner (1533-1592, französischer Philosoph, Poet und Politiker 0 May 26, 2024
9,071 Jean W. 0 May 26, 2024
9,070 Maria W. The monsters responsible for this extremely evil, heinous, sadistic act inflicted on an innocent, defenseless, loving being need to be subjected to the same, and then permanently removed from the face of this earth! 0 May 26, 2024
9,069 Janet B. 0 May 26, 2024
9,068Anonymous Criminal has to be punished! 0 May 26, 2024
9,067 Jennifer G. 0 May 26, 2024
9,066 Ana G. 0 May 26, 2024
9,065 elena c. 0 May 26, 2024
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9,062 Michael B. 0 May 26, 2024
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