Sign: Puppy Dragged By Man Before Being Stomped To Death

Published: April 18, 2024 at 02:54 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Oklahoma City, OK – On April 9, a convicted felon was arrested for the brutal killing of an innocent puppy whose battered body was found outside of a southeast Oklahoma City business in late March. The man responsible for the cruel act has been identified as 57-year-old Larry Don McMillian.

Before McMillan’s arrest, the Oklahoma City Police were on the hunt for an individual caught on surveillance video ruthlessly killing a puppy. The footage shows this person dragging a helpless puppy by its legs, throwing it to the ground before repeatedly stomping on the pup’s head. Following the brutal attack, the man callously walks away.

McMillian’s arrest came after his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Looney, let the authorities know that she recognized the man in the video that was shared widely across media outlets. Looney commented on the abuse she and her puppy suffered at her ex-boyfriend’s hands:

“He started getting that way (abusive) to me and then my puppy. People like that need to get help or not be let out of prison. I am glad he is locked up for what he did to animals, and for what he had done to me.”

And before the arrest, MSgt. Jennifer Wardlow with OKCPD said, “This is a very dangerous individual, we want to identify this person.”

Larry Don McMillian was arrested on charges of cruelty to animals and possession of firearm by a convicted felon. If you are outraged and disgusted by his behavior, please add your name to the petition today!

Target: Prosecuting Attorney

We the undersigned demand that Larry Don McMillian face the maximum sentence for the charges stemming from the vicious killing of an innocent puppy. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for McMillian to face true consequences for his actions.  This man is clearly a danger to society, and he must not walk away from this brutal incident without serious consequences. 


Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



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Update 5/22/2024: Animal Victory sent petition to the Judge and DA. 

Update 5/15/2024: Animal Victory has phoned the Oklahoma City Animal Control for the third time. The most recent call involved a request for the supervisor to call back regarding McMillan.


Puppy Dragged By Man Before Being Stomped To Death

17,972 signatures = 90% of goal

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17,972 stephanie m. 0 May 26, 2024
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17,967 michelle c. 0 May 25, 2024
17,966 karen g. 0 May 25, 2024
17,965 Mary D. Crush him under a mountain of felony charges. Make sure he sees nothing but the inside of a cage for the rest of his miserable existence. 0 May 24, 2024
17,964 Kimberly M. 0 May 24, 2024
17,963 Sherwin G. 0 May 24, 2024
17,962 Nanci L. Heinous abuse by Larry Don McMillan of that poor puppy.Please prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. 0 May 24, 2024
17,961 Angela F. Nothing less than the maximum penalty is acceptable. 0 May 24, 2024
17,960 Meg A. This evil person should be in jail for life Beating women and innocent puppy’s he doesn’t deserve his freedom 0 May 24, 2024
17,959 Anthony B. A felon with a firearm along with this act should put him away. At 57 he cannot be rehabilitated. Give him the juice. At some point we are going to need to hold people accountable for their actions. 0 May 24, 2024
17,958Anonymous 0 May 23, 2024
17,957 Myrna L. 0 May 23, 2024
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17,954 CHRIS M. 0 May 23, 2024
17,953Anonymous While I cannot watch these videos, you cannot deny the proof in videos!!! If nothing is done to this man, which is likely, people need to locate him and make EVERYONE he knows, family, neighbors, put signs up, billboards up, wherever he is!!! SHAME HIM just as long and loud as possible! He CANNOT get away with this! NONE OF THEM CAN! 0 May 23, 2024
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