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Sign: Man Used A Machete To Carve A Word In Dog’s Head

Published: June 23, 2023 at 12:45 PM Author: Penny Eims

Toledo, OH – A Toledo man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge for allegedly using a machete to carve a word into a dog’s head. Earlier this month, Toledo Police responded to 20-year-old Harley Gear’s home in the 3000 block of Nebraska Avenue and they found a dog with severe head injuries and a bloodied machete.

According to the person who alerted the police, Gear had been “torturing” his dog, Zeus.

Zeus is currently in the custody of the Toledo Humane Society. The agency’s president, Stephen Heaven, tells ABC 13 News that this case is a “first” for him and he suspects that Gear “tried carving the word “hi” into the dog’s head among other things.”

Zeus’ injuries were so significant that staples were required to pull his scalp back together. 

Gear is facing a felony charge – specifically, “CRUELTY TO ANIMALS TORTURE, DEPRIVE, BEAT, MUTILATE, KILL, OR CONIFNE WITHOUT FOOD OR WATER.” He has pleaded not guilty to the charge and is already free on bond.

Harley Case Doc

Please add your name to the petition today if you do not want to see Gear receive a slap on the wrist for what he did to this dog!

We the undersigned demand that Harley Gear is held responsible for viciously attacking a dog named Zeus with a machete. We are petitioning for Gear to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for the felony animal cruelty charge stemming from this despicable attack. At sentencing, we want to see Gear prohibited from owning or residing with animals.

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



ABC 13 News


Update 9/7/2023: The trial for Harley Gear is set for 10/02/2023 with Judge Michael Goulding.…

Update 7/28/2023: Animal Victory has learned that the pre-trial is set for 8/2/2023 at 1:00 pm with Judge Michael Goulding in courtroom 004.

Update 7/5/2023: Animal Victory has learned that the case was moved up to grand jury after indictment, and a hearing arraignment is scheduled for 7/12/23 at 1 pm.

Update 6/26/2023: 14,741 signatures have been sent along with the petition to Ohio  Prosecutor Julia R. Bates

Man Used A Machete To Carve A Word In Dog's Head

17,414 signatures = 87% of goal


17,414 Casey Valentine Oct 03, 2023
17,413 Stephanie Sepesy He is a sick sociopath! Oct 03, 2023
17,412 Kimberly Wiley Oct 01, 2023
17,411 Adam Debicki Sep 30, 2023
17,410 Sherrie Darce Sep 30, 2023
17,409 shana garcia Sep 29, 2023
17,408 Rina Eichhof Sep 29, 2023
17,407 Tupu Seppänen Sep 29, 2023
17,406 Rayner Thompson Sep 29, 2023
17,405 k keet Its time to get these depraved people locked up FOR GOOD!!!! Sep 28, 2023
17,404 Laurence Berger Sep 28, 2023
17,403 Brenda Driscoll sick!!! Sep 27, 2023
17,402 Linda Bordelon Do the same to him and then life sentence Sep 27, 2023
17,401 Susan Gerry Sep 27, 2023
17,400 Liz Denton Sep 27, 2023
17,399 Liz Denton Sep 27, 2023
17,398 Lynne Miles Sep 27, 2023
17,397 Stevan Lerinc Sep 26, 2023
17,396Anonymous Sep 26, 2023
17,395 Josée Casavant Sep 26, 2023
17,394Anonymous Sep 26, 2023
17,393 Steve Kowlessar Sep 26, 2023
17,392 Lori Veith Sep 25, 2023
17,391 Danielle Nelson Sep 25, 2023
17,390 cheryl palmer Sep 25, 2023
17,389 Joseph Harvey Sep 25, 2023
17,388 Rob Lee Sep 25, 2023
17,387 Elizabeth Barreras Sep 25, 2023
17,386 Fran M Sep 24, 2023
17,385 Angela M Sep 24, 2023