Sign: Illegal slaughterhouse found after man shoots shepherds.

Published: January 19, 2024 at 03:03 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Riverhead, NY – On January 10, a Long Island man shot his young German shepherd in the head with a rifle and a veterinarian who examined the paralyzed dog tipped off the authorities. The investigation that ensued led to the discovery of an illegal slaughterhouse at the man’s Riverhead residence, and the revelation that another six-month-old German shepherd puppy had also been fatally shot in the head a month earlier. According to investigators, the puppy, Cranky, was shot in the back because he did not want to come in the house. As someone was trying to comfort the injured puppy, the shooter dragged him back outside and shot him in the head.

The man responsible for the cruelty is identified by the Suffolk County District Attorney as 76-year-old Carlos Lauro.

Investigators found deplorable conditions, including dilapidated and illegal structures, at Lauro’s Sound Avenue property. Surviving animals on the property had no access to clean food and water and they were living among dead animals, including a baby pig and baby goat.

“This is a particularly horrific example of cruelty,” said District Attorney Raymond Tierney in a statement. “While we unfortunately could not rescue all of the animal victims that our investigators found on this defendant’s property, we will seek justice for them.”

John Di Leonardo, anthro-zoologist and executive director of Humane Long Island, commented on the heinous slaughterhouse situation:

“Animals, whether dogs or goats, sheep or chickens, experience terror and fight for their lives just as we would when faced with the prospect of slaughter. Yet for the animals at this illegal backyard slaughter operation, the experience was made even more horrific, with sick and injured animals living among the corpses of their friends.”

The shocking slaughterhouse discovery, coupled with shootings of the two German shepherds, led to Lauro being charged with one count of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, a Class E felony, and three counts of Neglect of an Impounded Animal, unclassified misdemeanors. The investigation is ongoing and Lauro could face more charges.

If you are horrified by Carlos Lauro’s behavior, including the cold-hearted shooting of his two German shepherd pups, please add your name to the petition today!

We the undersigned demand that Carlos Lauro be held accountable for shooting two German shepherds in the head and operating an illegal slaughterhouse, forcing innocent animals to endure unimaginable suffering and cruelty. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for the maximum penalty allowed by law for any charges stemming from these despicable acts of animal cruelty. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Illegal slaughterhouse found after man shoots shepherds.

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