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Sign: Justice For Bunnies Drowned In Cage And Abandoned At Boat Launch

Published: May 11, 2023 at 07:54 PM Author: Penny Eims

Charleston, SC – Police in Charleston are hoping to identify the person(s) responsible for drowning two caged bunnies. In a press release, the Charleston Police Department stated that the rabbits, found on April 28, appear to have been abandoned at the Pierpont Boat Landing (94 Cedar St).

The authorities said that they “were found soaking wet and deceased in a small animal cage.”

The Charleston Animal Society is working hand-in-hand with the authorities to find whoever is behind this cruel act. Charleston Animal Society Vice President of Operations and Strategy Aldwin Roman, CAWA, said:

“We are deeply disturbed by the discovery of these deceased rabbits,”


“If the police department’s investigation determines that these pet rabbits died as a result of a cruel act, it qualifies as an animal cruelty felony under South Carolina law, and we will work tirelessly to find the individuals responsible for this crime.”


The City of Charleston Police Department urges anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward as soon as possible. Anyone with information is asked to call (843) 720-2422 and ask for Animal Control Supervisor C. Bayles or the on-duty Animal Control Officer. Anyone with information who wishes to remain anonymous is asked to call Lowcountry Crime Stoppers at (843)554-1111. The case number for reference is 23-06827.

The plight of these innocent animals has resulted in immeasurable agony, and it is imperative that justice is served. Please add your name to the petition today! When and if the person responsible for this crime is found, we will be fighting to put them behind bars for as long as possible.

Note: If this incident is determined to be an act of animal cruelty, Charleston Animal Society will offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and felony conviction of the person or persons responsible for this heinous act.


City of Charleston Police Department

Sign: Justice For Bunnies Drowned In Cage And Abandoned At Boat Launch

14,903 signatures = 75% of goal


14,903 russell goodwin May 28, 2023
14,902 Morgan Star May 28, 2023
14,901 Andrea Branco May 28, 2023
14,900 Lori Anderson May 28, 2023
14,899 dave stewart May 28, 2023
14,898 Irene Murray If this monster can do this to two helpless animals. Then he is capable of being a danger to society!! May 28, 2023
14,897 Gospodi Ostanovi May 28, 2023
14,896 Mihail Sila May 28, 2023
14,895 Lena Mamleeva May 28, 2023
14,894 Ken Baker May 28, 2023
14,893 Sergio Padilla May 28, 2023
14,892 Mel Green May 28, 2023
14,891 Kim Fredrickson May 28, 2023
14,890 Deborah Godio May 28, 2023
14,889 diana azrikam buruian May 28, 2023
14,888 Katherine Sampson May 28, 2023
14,887 Mary Metters May 28, 2023
14,886 Pamela Miller May 28, 2023
14,885 Shelly Jones May 28, 2023
14,884 Rosa Cabrerizo May 28, 2023
14,883 Mel Novis This is just repulsive May these rabbits have their Justice and who inflicted this pain receive their karma May 27, 2023
14,882 Heidi Peterson I'd like to see whomever did this get waterboarded and left by a big body of water too by order of a judge. May 27, 2023
14,881 Helen Sciberras May 27, 2023
14,880 Richard Dickers May 27, 2023
14,879 Bob Perkins May 27, 2023
14,878 Erica First May 27, 2023
14,877 Stephanie Poulin May 27, 2023
14,876 Steve A Gural May 27, 2023
14,875 Martine Guerinet May 27, 2023
14,874 Stephanie Duany May 27, 2023