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Sign: Hold Authorities Accountable For Allowing Cats Abandoned In House To Die

Published: June 08, 2023 at 08:16 PM Author: Penny Eims


Iberia Parish, Louisiana – Six cats suffered a slow and agonizing death after their owner moved out of a rental house at 5814 Sandoz Road, Iberia Parish, leaving them behind without food or water. What their owner did is horrific, and what the local authorities did (or instead did not do) is unconscionable.

According to Jeff Dorson, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana, last summer an Iberia Parish resident saw several cats in the window of the house on Sandoz Road; the resident contacted the authorities because she knew that the tenant had moved out.

The woman claims that the authorities not only refused to come out to the home to remove the cats but informed her that if SHE removed the cats, she would be arrested. The result? Six cats slowly starved to death…alone in a house that had become their prison. Growing weaker with each passing day, and left to wonder if the person who was supposed to care for them would ever return.

The colossal failures surrounding this sad situation get worse. The Humane Society has provided the name of the cats’ owner to the authorities, but they have made no arrests; they have done no investigation. Dorson said:

“We have provided the sheriff’s office with the name of the cat’s owner and pictures taken of the crime scene (the deputy who finally responded to the call in February refused to exit his vehicle or look at the pictures of the carcasses). He simply told the witness that he would write a report and added that he doubted that anything could be done. This is wrong on every level.”

If you are appalled by this horrific situation, please add your name to the petition today! Animal Victory will be petitioning the authorities with your comments and signatures. We will demand that these cats deserve justice through a complete investigation and charges against their owner. Animal Victory firmly believes that this animal cruelty case must be investigated by law. It is indefensible that the authorities have chosen to sweep this situation under the rug.

Animal-Protection-Laws-of-Louisiana-2020-Animal-Legal-Defense-Fund (3)

We the undersigned demand that the authorities conduct a complete investigation into the death of six cats who were abandoned in a home at 5814 Sandoz Road. It is our understanding that the department has been provided with the name of the cats’ owner and photos of the crime scene. With this information, an arrest and charges are warranted. These innocent lives deserve justice – they suffered horrific deaths and someone needs to be held accountable!

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Statement from Jeff Dorson

Update 9/19/2023: Still no answer from Sheriff. Iberia Parish along with Sheriff Romero have complete disregard for people and animals. We’re not done. Read our letter here.

Sheriff Romero and Iberia Parish Government 9.08.2023

Please let your thoughts be known. We have asked repeatedly for an investigation since June 2023. Read our letter here. Please ask the Sheriff what’s going on with the investigation.

Please call 1.337.369.3714, extension 0, or email Sheriff Romero.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, 316 West Main Street, Lafayette, La. 70501

Sheriff Romero

Iberia Parish Government President M. Larry Richard,  Cynthia Provost, executive director for Parish President M. Larry Richard;


Update 9/8/2023: Animal Victory talked with Robin from Sheriff Romero’s office this morning and was informed the investigation is still active. Animal Victory has since sent a letter to Sheriff Romero demanding information about the investigation by Monday, 9/11/2023.  At this time, we have taken our next step and copied the President of Iberia Parish Government regarding the situation at hand.

Update 8/13/2023: Animal Victory has spoken with Sheriff Romero’s Office and they confirmed that the investigation is still active. The sheriff will issue a press release when the investigation is complete. 

Update 6/26/2023: Animal Victory has sent Sheriff Romero our petition along with your signatures demanding an investigation. We will update the petition when we receive an update from the Sheriff.

Hold Police Accountable For Allowing Cats Abandoned In House To Die

15,357 signatures = 77% of goal


15,357 Stephanie Sepesy Heartbreaking news. Absolutely horrific and cruel and inhumane!!! Oct 03, 2023
15,356 Kimberly Wiley Oct 01, 2023
15,355 Paula Cranny Sep 30, 2023
15,354 Adam Debicki Sep 30, 2023
15,353 Sherrie Darce Sep 30, 2023
15,352 Lynn Tran-Huynh Sep 29, 2023
15,351 shana garcia Sep 29, 2023
15,350 Renee Hughes Sep 28, 2023
15,349 k keet Sep 28, 2023
15,348 Dolly Holland Sep 28, 2023
15,347 Tina Duarte Sep 28, 2023
15,346 Brenda Driscoll Sep 27, 2023
15,345 Linda Bordelon Max penalty Sep 27, 2023
15,344 Andrea Sebastian Sep 27, 2023
15,343 Christina Crites Absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable. These animals deserved better and now it’s too late the very least people can do is see to it they they receive justice. Sep 26, 2023
15,342 Josée Casavant Sep 26, 2023
15,341 Victoria Millinger Sep 26, 2023
15,340 Danielle Nelson Sep 25, 2023
15,339 cheryl palmer Sep 25, 2023
15,338 Brianna Boucher Sep 25, 2023
15,337 Joyce Henderson Sep 25, 2023
15,336Anonymous Sep 25, 2023
15,335 Angela M Sep 25, 2023
15,334 Susan W Sep 25, 2023
15,333 Susan M Sep 25, 2023
15,332Anonymous Sep 25, 2023
15,331 PJ Keegan Sep 25, 2023
15,330 Maria S Sep 25, 2023
15,329 Dr. Edmund Gergerian Sep 25, 2023
15,328 Steve R Sep 25, 2023