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Sign: Former City Official Burned Cat, Poured Boiling Water On Dog, And Bludgeoned A Cat To Death

Published: March 14, 2023 at 01:37 AM Author: Penny Eims

Fairfield, CT – A 39-year-old Connecticut man, formerly a Fairfield town representative who also attempted to run for a state office, has a long history of abusing animals and he was just arrested AGAIN for threatening a police officer.

On March 6, the Fairfield Police Department announced that Raymond Neuberger was arrested at his parent’s home. Before the most recent arrest, Neuberger was the subject of “extensive investigations involving the infliction of torturous harm to animals” and he is facing charges related to those investigations.

Neuberger’s Animal Cruelty Convictions and Allegations

  • In 2018, Neuberger was convicted for abusing his fiancé’s two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels (Thor and Charlie), burning one dog with boiling water and fracturing the ribs of the other. In that case, lawyer Kenneth Bernhard fought for Neuberger to receive jail time because he feared that Neuberger would offend again. In this case, he received just 30 days in jail in exchange for “accelerated rehabilitation.”
  • In February 2022: Neuberger was arrested after his then-girlfriend’s cat, Pearl, was “severely injured” on her abdomen, legs, and tail. Dr. Fleming, the veterinarian who treated Pearl, described the injuries, “Treatment included corrective surgeries to the cat’s abdomen because the burns were ‘down to the muscle.’ The cat’s tail was also amputated.”

  • In August 2022: Neuberger is arrested and charged again with dousing a different cat (Gem), his then-girlfriend’s cat, in bleach and beating her to death. Gem died from blunt force trauma. That investigation led to charges of third-degree assault, animal cruelty, and disorderly conduct.

Neuberger cannot even get through his court cases without committing MORE crimes. The most recent arrest resulted in charges for Threatening 2nd Degree and Harassment 2nd Degree (He was released after posting a $5000.00 bond and is scheduled to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on a future date). Animal Cruelty charges from the 2022 cat incidents are still pending.

If you are disgusted by Raymond Neuberger’s repeated attacks on innocent animals, and his overall violent behavior, please add your name to the petition now. Enough is enough – this man needs to be PUT AWAY for as long as possible!

We the undersigned demand that Raymond Neuberger is held responsible for torturing and killing animals and we are petitioning for him to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for the charges stemming from his repeated, cruel acts of violence. At sentencing, we also hope to see Neuberger prohibited from owning or residing with animals in the future. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Law and Crime

Update 8/29/2023: Animal Victory has learned that the case is in pre-trial. The next court date is scheduled on 09/20/2023 at 10:00 a.m. 

Update 7/17/2023: Animal Victory has learned that Neuberger’s next court date is on 8/10 at 10 am for the plea.

Update 7/4/2023: Animal Victory sent cover letter and petition to the DA. 

Update 6/27/2023: Animal Victory has learned that the court is awaiting a plea on 6/29 at 10 am. Neuberger has 4 charges with 4 different case numbers. Each case has a $250,000 bond. He has remained in custody. (Fairfield, CT)

Update 4/3/2023: Animal Victory sent a cover letter and petition to the court.

Sign: Former City Official Burned Cat, Poured Boiling Water On Dog, And Bludgeoned A Cat To Death

22,721 signatures = 114% of goal


22,721 Sherrie Darce Sep 30, 2023
22,720 linda packard Sep 28, 2023
22,719 jordyn Brandenburger Sep 28, 2023
22,718 Laurence Berger Sep 28, 2023
22,716 Rob Lee Sep 27, 2023
22,715 Michael Murphy Sep 26, 2023
22,714 Deborah Fleming Sep 26, 2023
22,713 Elizabeth Barreras Sep 26, 2023
22,712 jeannie lee Sep 24, 2023
22,711 natalie holtzclaw Sep 24, 2023
22,710 bethany schilder Sep 24, 2023
22,709 Neil Birkby Sep 24, 2023
22,708 Katie Birkby Sep 24, 2023
22,707 Arlene Kaplan Sep 24, 2023
22,706 Douglas Birkby Sep 24, 2023
22,705 Stacey Birkby Sep 24, 2023
22,704 MARIANO CRAPANZANO Sep 24, 2023
22,703Anonymous Sep 24, 2023
22,702 Linda Werner How did this sicko ever get elected for anything. He needs to imprisoned for at least 30 years after he is tied to a pole and the owners of the abused animals take their revenge. I could do it thinking every minute of the pain my pet suffered. Sep 23, 2023
22,701 Jerry Yarborough Sep 23, 2023
22,700 Sally Wood I really wish every painful torment known in human existence to be brought down upon this piece of scum. Loathsome parasite Sep 22, 2023
22,699Anonymous DROWN BITCH Sep 22, 2023
22,698 vero costa Sep 21, 2023
22,697 Anita Maiden Sep 21, 2023
22,696 stephanie santarsiero Stick HIM in boiling water...lock him up and throw away the key. PSYCOPATH Sep 20, 2023
22,695 catherine migliano If memory serves, this isnt his first run in. They just slap him on the wrist. Look him up; Raymond Neuberger Sep 20, 2023
22,694Anonymous Not okay!!! This man was a city official?!?! Sep 19, 2023
22,693 Berit kjørbekk Sundkvist Denne mannen må ikke gå løs på gata.Sperr han i fengsel i mange år.Han er syk . Sep 19, 2023
22,692 Vanessa Anderson Sep 19, 2023