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Sign: Family Devastated By Discovery Of Beloved Pets Dead In Trusted Pet Sitter’s Car

Published: August 31, 2023 at 07:57 PM Author: Penny Eims

O’Fallon, Missouri – A Missouri family was devastated when they learned that their beloved pets, Gloria (a doodle), and Poodles, a rescue cat, were found dead in a trusted pet sitter’s car. The tragedy happened while the Love family was out of the country on a Mexican vacation.

Their pets were left in the care of someone they trusted – a family member who was staying with them. Tommie Love told KSDK News, “We usually have another sitter. We had this family member who we loved and trusted and had no idea or concern.”

However, the family realized that something was amiss when they could no longer see their pets on the home’s security cameras. The family demanded to see their dog on Facetime, but the petsitter, identified as Alicia Moellering, refused.

Growing concern for the pets’ welfare prompted Love’s son to visit the house. What he found was chilling. Love told the news agency:

“He found blood in the basement where the cat was supposed to be and the cat was gone. Eventually, she admitted the cat died and that Gloria had run away the day before.”

From afar, the family tried to help find their beloved dog.

But Gloria would never come home. Love describes the heartbreaking discovery made by her son:

“My son as he was leaving the house yesterday, he was walking to his car and he smelled a foul odor. He pinned it coming from the car, the sitter’s car.”

Love’s son used a hammer to access the car. Love described the heartbreaking discovery:

“He opened the car door and the first thing I saw was the cat’s body and then he pulled some other stuff and moved the camera away quickly and said, ‘I can’t let you see this.’ He found Gloria under a bunch of clothes in a laundry basket. The police think they’ve been in there dead since Tuesday and locked in a hot car for five days.”

Animal Victory has confirmed that Alicia Moellering was arrested and charged with two
counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance and two counts of Animal Neglect or
Abandonment. The case, #2311-CR03190, has been moved to the prosecutor’s office. Moellering posted bond on August 17, 2023, and she was fingerprinted on August 21, 2023. Her bond was $5,000 and she is not allowed to have any animals in her custody. Drugs at the residence were discovered by investigators and lab results later confirmed the substances to be Fentanyl and Methamphetamine.

The trial date has not yet been set.

Police in O’Fallon, Missouri, say the animals have been sent to the University of Missouri for necropsy examinations. Prosecuting Attorney Joseph G. McCulloch promises to prosecute this case aggressively.

“I appreciate all the concern with this case. Animal abuse is senseless and heinous. We take these crimes seriously and will prosecute these cases aggressively.”

Please help Prosecutor McCulloch by adding your name to the petition to let court officials know that you care about this cruelty case and the heartbreaking deaths of Poodles and Gloria!


We the undersigned demand that Alicia Moellering face the maximum punishment for each and every charge stemming from the death of Gloria and Poodles, pets she was entrusted to care for while the Love family was out of town. Moellering clearly had no regard for the lives of these innocent animals and she lied about what happened; she must be held accountable!

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


SCCMO Prosecuting Attorney Press Releases


Update 9/14/2023: Animal Victory spoke with the authorities and learned Alicia Moellering is on the run.  She confirmed that there was a warrant out for her arrest. Case # 2311-CR-03190.

Family Devastated By Discovery Of Beloved Pets Dead In Trusted Pet Sitter's Car

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14,504 Casey Valentine Oct 03, 2023
14,503 Vickie Morey Oct 03, 2023
14,502 Irene Murray She is despicable! And needs to be dealt with harshly! No slap on the hand. Send the wrong message to others.! Oct 03, 2023
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14,491 Lisa Mcdonald Terrible, these people should have the same done to them as they do to the animals. Sep 29, 2023
14,490 Trudi Wylie Sep 29, 2023
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14,483 Cindy Peters Sep 29, 2023
14,482 Brittney Coleman This is why professional insured and bonded pet sitters exist, with references! Just because you are related to someone does NOT mean they have the integrity to care for your precious pets! Always find a sitter you TRUST with your family's LIVES!! As a past pet sitter, this is absolutely heinous. This woman is a monster. FIND HER AND LOCK HER UP!! Sep 29, 2023
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