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Sign: Distressing Video Shows Dog Nearly Unconscious After Being Choked By Trainer

Published: March 13, 2023 at 12:21 PM Author: Penny Eims

Rahway, NJ – Over the weekend, a distressing video went viral on social media. The footage shows a man violently shaking a leash attached to a dog who collapses from being nearly choked to unconsciousness; the man is allegedly Joshua Silverstein, a trainer with Bubba Luv Training.

On Facebook, the video posting states that this abusive behavior happens “often” but this is the first time that it was captured on video.  Watch Videos On the Right Of Petition.


And in short order, there were people calling the local authorities in Rahway, demanding an animal cruelty investigation.

Most of the sites affiliated with Bubba Luv Dog Training were immediately deleted from the internet, including the business’s own website and Facebook page. But some of their “about” information still existed after these events and you can read what the company says about itself in the screenshot below:

Watch the video footage and draw your own conclusion:

According to the Rahway Police Department, the local officials have been made aware of this situation and they have launched an animal cruelty investigation.

If you want to help ensure that this does NOT get swept under the rug and that officials follow through with their promises, please add your name to the petition today. 

This video footage is heartwrenching and there is no excuse for EVER treating a dog in such a manner, much less under the guise of “training.” If the authorities’ investigation confirms what the video footage appears to show, this business must be shut down and the person in charge held fully accountable.

Note: Though unconfirmed, the dog in this video is reported to be alive.

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Daily Voice

Update! The Mayor of Rahway issued a release about this abuse case. According to Mayor Raymond Giacobbe, the training facility has been closed down and vacated. A team of city officials, and the office of the Mayor, responded to the training facility after the disturbing video began circulating on social media. Mayor Giacobbe stated that he was “outraged” by the video and he thanked the public, stating, “We appreciate your concern and your support. The Police Department has received thousands of calls since the video was posted online, and I ask everyone to be patient and let law enforcement officials handle the investigation.” 


Distressing Video Shows Dog Nearly Unconscious After Being Choked By Trainer

17,929 signatures = 90% of goal


17,929 Gisela Llamas Oct 02, 2023
17,928 Rose Mary Spadaccini Sep 29, 2023
17,927 Sylvia Thomas This low life garbage of shit Pathetic loser should get his ass kicked to Timbuktu Sep 25, 2023
17,926 Jerry Yarborough Sep 23, 2023
17,925 Sally Wood Id love to give that excuse for a human some 'training' he would never forget! Sep 22, 2023
17,924 Merrill Plumlee Sep 17, 2023
17,923 Loretta Cuesta Sep 16, 2023
17,922 Andry Scott Sep 14, 2023
17,921 Leisa Austin Sep 14, 2023
17,920 karen Wible Sep 12, 2023
17,919 Ruth Tonkin Please stop these mentally ill monsters that hurt animals!!! Sep 12, 2023
17,918 Sidney Leibovitch Sep 10, 2023
17,917 Deborah Smith Sep 06, 2023
17,916 Adriana Anindya Augusta Sep 05, 2023
17,915 Sherrie Darce Sep 04, 2023
17,914 Allan Rubin Aug 31, 2023
17,913 Kay Kurz This act is NOT human like, what kind of so called human behaves like this?! Maximum punishment while he lives and then he’ll face judgement day when it comes! Aug 29, 2023
17,912 Kimberly Bellefontaine Aug 27, 2023
17,911 Lorraine Andersen Aug 24, 2023
17,910 Jenni Audette Aug 23, 2023
17,909 C B Aug 22, 2023
17,908 Cierra B Aug 22, 2023
17,907 Susie Jin Aug 22, 2023
17,906 Nancy Pierce Aug 21, 2023
17,905 Connie Scalfaro Aug 20, 2023
17,904 soniajuju Ayala Justice justice justice Aug 20, 2023
17,903 Mark Roberts Aug 20, 2023
17,902 Ruby Bourke Brown Aug 20, 2023
17,901Anonymous Aug 18, 2023
17,900 Carey Hodes Aug 13, 2023