Sign: Despicable Man Tortured Caged Cat With High Pressure Hose

Published: January 10, 2024 at 10:58 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Daytona Beach, FL – A Florida man was caught on video using a high-pressure hose on a caged cat in 45-degree weather. The despicable act of cruelty landed Dean Bell, 61, behind bars at the Volusia County Jail on a felony charge of animal cruelty.

The cruel act was captured by a neighbor who recorded Bell spraying the hose directly in the cat’s face; when Bell noticed that he was being recorded, he stopped. When confronted about the incident, Bell tried to excuse his heartless behavior by stating that the cat should not have been in his yard.

The Daytona Beach Police Department issued a release about the appalling incident:

On January 4, 2024, officers responded to the heart-wrenching complaint of animal abuse. During their investigation, they uncovered a video that captured the harrowing incident. This footage reveals the distressing sight of a defenseless cat being mercilessly tormented by the suspect, Dean T. Bell (DOB 4/16/1962). He callously used a high-pressure water hose on the cat, which was helplessly trapped inside a cage. Compounding the severity of the abuse, the temperature at the time was a chilling 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

We do not know the fate of the cat but we are working to find out.

Please add your name to the petition to help Animal Victory hold this man accountable for his despicable act of cruelty. We will fight for the charges to be upheld and not dismissed!

We the undersigned demand that Dean Bell be held accountable for using a high-pressure hose to torture a defenseless, caged cat. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for the maximum penalty allowed by law for any charges stemming from this despicable act of animal cruelty. 

Note: Dean Bell, Case #2024 100080CFDB, Arraignment Bond set for 1/30/2024, Justice Center, Courtroom 3, Justice Center, 251 N Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, Judge Kathryn Diane “Kathy” Weston presiding Case File

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



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Update 1/28/2024: Animal Victory sent petition to the DA. 

Update 1/19/2024: Animal Victory sent petition to the judge. 

Update 1/19/2024: Abuser Dean Trafton Bell, Case #2024 100080CFDB, Arraignment Bond set for 1/30/2024, Justice Center, Courtroom 3Justice Center251 N Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Judge Kathryn Diane “Kathy” Weston presiding Case Detail.html

Despicable Man Tortured Caged Cat With High Pressure Hose

17,762 signatures = 89% of goal

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17,762 Diane F. Feb 26, 2024
17,761 Valeria S. Feb 26, 2024
17,760 Brandi Z. Feb 26, 2024
17,759 Karen H. Please prosecute to the fullest extent of this lying and cruel individual Feb 26, 2024
17,758 ROSSELLO B. Feb 26, 2024
17,757Anonymous Abuse of an innocent animal. What else has this person done to other animals?? Feb 26, 2024
17,756 Lena E. Feb 25, 2024
17,755 Jessica f. Feb 25, 2024
17,754 Linda D. Feb 25, 2024
17,753 Dana N. Feb 24, 2024
17,752 Pamela S. Feb 24, 2024
17,751 Andrew O. Feb 23, 2024
17,750 Henry M. Feb 23, 2024
17,749 Kevin S. Feb 23, 2024
17,748 Sylvia Q. That evil p.o.s., needs to have the same things done to him. I hope he rots in hell, the sooner, the better. Poor kitty. Feb 23, 2024
17,747 Marilyn S. Feb 22, 2024
17,746 sylvie t. Feb 22, 2024
17,745 Scarlett J. I hate humans who do this. Feb 22, 2024
17,744 Margery G. Feb 22, 2024
17,743Anonymous There IS No Excuse, for his Actions..! Who , Could Ever do such a thing, to a helpless pet.? I do know a high pressured hose , will rip the skin.. and sprayinjg such a little animal , in the face will make them deathly ill. Where is the Kindness, that we are supposed to give the pet /??? Feb 22, 2024
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