Sign: Dead And Starving Dogs Found In Filthy City Animal Control Facility

Published: January 25, 2024 at 01:39 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Marlin, Texas – In January, a man searching for his own dog at the city animal control in Marlin, Texas, made a horrifying discovery. The dogs being held in the facility’s kennels were skin and bones…surrounded by piles of feces, and lacking access to food and water. One of the dogs in the kennel area was dead, apparently the victim of starvation.

The concerned resident, Jeffrey Rich, took video of the appalling conditions and posted it to social media where it sparked a firestorm of outrage from animal lovers, and caught the eye of Police Chief Jim Hommel, who asked Rich to take the video down.

The city animal control is run by an animal control officer who reports to Chief Hommel. The police chief cited a poor “cleaning” policy for the deplorable situation, telling KWTX News:

“We need training on cleaning the kennels. We are going to look at our policies to make sure they’re cleaned properly and the dogs are treated properly.”

The horror inside of this CITY operated, taxpayer funded facility is inexcusable. If a person were to keep their dog in a filthy kennel, without food or water, they would face charges. If a person allowed their pet to starve to death, they would be arrested. But inside of this city run facility, the deplorable situation is being watered down from clear cruelty and neglect to poor cleaning practices.

May be an image of dog and text that says 'Starved to Death Neglected Welcome to the Marlin Shelter Emaciated'

Journalist Paul Mueller has been following the Marlin animal control situation and he is trying to get answers, but officials are stonewalling him; it is apparent that the neglect and cruelty is being swept under the rug.

Without significant public outrage, and a demand for accountability and reform, nothing will change. Please add your name to the petition today if you are disgusted by the conditions at the Marlin Animal Control facility and want justice for the neglected dogs.

We the undersigned demand that the animal control officer who allowed a dog at the Marlin animal control facility to starve to death, and others to live in filth, without access to food and water, be fired and charged. We demand District Attorney Kathryn ‘Jody’ Gilliam press charges against everyone involved in the blatant neglect and cruelty these dogs suffered. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for despicable acts of animal cruelty and neglect to be addressed and remedied. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.




Update 2/21/2024: Animal Victory sent petition to the Attorney and Sheriff. 

Update 2/16/2024: Animal Victory left a voicemail with Sheriff Joe Lopez’s executive assistant – asking if an arrest has been made in this case and is there an active investigation currently. We are waiting for a call back. 

Dead And Starving Dogs Found In Filthy City Animal Control Facility

14,337 signatures = 72% of goal

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14,330 Olga H. I really hope Justice is served here cuz this is so heartbreaking and cruel!! We need to be their voice more than ever! Everyone responsible for this should be held accountable. Feb 26, 2024
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14,322 Pat R. This is a city that should check out the city’s officials. They all need to be replaced. If they let innocent animals be tortured & not fed. You would have to be blind if animals are starved and no one can see and correct the problem. Feb 25, 2024
14,321 Lena E. Please make certain that ALL facilities are checked on a regular basis and that this individual is never allowed among animals ever again! Feb 25, 2024
14,320 Irène R. Feb 25, 2024
14,319 Freddy R. Unforgivable neglect, depraved indifference to the helpless animals. FIRE everyone over this pound. JAIL TERMS applicable. ANIMAL CRUELTY! Feb 25, 2024
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