Sign: Arrest And Charge Woman Who Videotaped Cat Being Mauled By Dogs For Entertainment

Published: December 27, 2023 at 09:14 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Rankin County, Mississippi – In 2022 a Mississippi woman sacrificed an innocent cat for entertainment. Eternea Williams, who went by TeeDy Wms or E on social media, videotaped her dogs killing a defenseless cat; streaming the live video on Facebook.

In the video, Williams tells her dogs, “Tonight we feast!” while taunting them with the caged cat until they are in a frenzy. She proceeds to open the crate door, allowing the terrified cat to be mauled to death.

It is a horrific scene and revealing of the woman’s depraved mind. In Defense of Animals lead campaigner, Doll Stanley, spearheaded the effort to identify the woman and get the crime reported to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department.

Animal Victory is standing with In Defense of Animals to get District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr. to prosecute Williams and hold her accountable for this despicable act of cruelty.

(Video of the abhorrent act below – warning, it is graphic and disturbing)

Help Us Get Justice For This Innocent Cat

If you are outraged and disgusted by the depravity of Eternea Williams’ actions please add your name to the petition. We are petitioning for this woman to be arrested and charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. When she is charged, we will fight for the maximum sentence allowable by law and push for her to be banned from ever owning or residing with animals in the future.

We the undersigned demand that Eternea Williams be held accountable for encouraging her two dogs to viciously maul and kill a defenseless cat. This petition acts as our collective endorsement for the maximum penalty allowed by law for any charges stemming from this despicable act of animal cruelty. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.

Update 2/13/2024: The prosecutor has stated that the animal control office signed the affidavit; the summary and a request for a warrant to arrest and charge Eternea Williams is waiting for the judge’s signature.

Update 1/3/2024: Animal Victory spoke with the prosecutor’s office. The case was moved from a misdemeanor charge to a felony charge. This case is still in active investigation. They cannot disclose information until the defendant, Eternea Williams, has been served and the case goes to the grand jury for indictment. The Animal Control Officer for Rankin County will be signing an affidavit with Prosecutor Spillman’s office which will be presented for a judge to go forward and execute a warrant for the abuser’s arrest and charging. This should be happening either this week or next week.

Arrest And Charge Woman Who Videotaped Cat Being Mauled By Dogs For Entertainment

19,583 signatures = 98% of goal

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19,583 Katie S. Feb 27, 2024
19,582 Lisa Marie A. Feb 27, 2024
19,581 Jackie L. Feb 27, 2024
19,580 Danielle M. Disgusting Feb 27, 2024
19,579 Lisa B. Feb 27, 2024
19,578 Anna D. This abhorrent abuse must not go unpunished. Maximum sentence for this barbaric crime! Feb 27, 2024
19,577 Diane F. Feb 26, 2024
19,576 Jean C. Eternea Williams committed a vile, sadistic, cruel act on an innocent animal for her entertainment. Without a doubt this kind of sick, depraved behavior is a felony deserving the max. jail time allowed. Williams must never be allowed to own any animal in her lifetime. Feb 26, 2024
19,575 Heather A. Feb 26, 2024
19,574 Betty H. Feb 26, 2024
19,573 Joyce C. Feb 26, 2024
19,572 Michelle C. Feb 26, 2024
19,571Anonymous Feb 26, 2024
19,570 Valeria S. Feb 26, 2024
19,569 Deborah H. Feb 26, 2024
19,568 Julie B. Evil monster absolutely sickening needs a long prison sentence Feb 26, 2024
19,567 Karen H. Sick Sick Sick, she needs prosecuted, instuitionalized and never let out into society again Feb 26, 2024
19,566 ROSSELLO B. Feb 26, 2024
19,565 Monica Rodica V. Feb 26, 2024
19,564 Kimberly M. Oh sure I say something that goes against Facebooks standards and the don't let me post for 24-48 hours but they allow THIS Facebook are mother fing IDIOTS!! time to put this woman in with lions and be torn apart. Feb 26, 2024
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