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Sadistic Trainer Charged After Video Shows Horse Being Dragged Behind Vehicle

Published: December 16, 2022 at 08:31 PM Author: Penny Eims

Millbrook, Ontario, Canada – An Ontario horse trainer is facing animal cruelty charges after the authorities viewed video footage showing a distressed horse being dragged behind a moving vehicle. The woman facing charges is identified as 23-year-old Solstice Pecile of Wishing Stone Farm.

Unbelievably, Pecile uploaded the disturbing footage to Facebook herself, apparently assuming that people would find the appalling situation amusing. Facebook user Jamie Magdalene, appalled by the twisted footage, shared the videos to her own timeline, stating:

Solstice Pecile of her family’s facility Wishing Stone Farm in MILLBROOK, ONTARIO shared the following videos of her “training” a client horse by dragging it behind a moving truck. This is NOT her first offense being caught by a client dragging an animal from a motorized vehicle.

She continues:

“The videos show her laughing at the amount of blood, calling the horse a re**ard for bleeding so much, etc. She sent these videos to friends and also posted it on her public page thinking people would find it funny.”

The horse in the video suffered injuries – pools of blood from her back hooves can be seen on the ground in the video footage.

Fortunately, officials have taken swift action against the disgraced trainer. Brent Ross, the spokesperson for the ministry of the solicitor general, told the Daily Hive:

“The ministry can confirm that Solstice Pecile, 23, of the Township of Cavan Monaghan has been charged with Causing Distress to an Animal under Section 15 (1) of the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act.”

Ross stated that “the accused will appear in court on Jan. 11, 2023, at the Cobourg Provincial Offences Court.”

If you are as outraged and disgusted by this blatant act of cruelty as we are, please add your name to the petition today. If convicted, Pecile faces a sentence ranging from a fine up to $130,000, imprisonment for a term up to two years, or both.

We the undersigned demand that Solstice Pecile is held responsible for cruelly dragging a tethered horse behind a moving vehicle, causing the animal distress and injuries. We are petitioning for Pecile to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for Causing Distress to an Animal under Section 15 (1) of the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act. At sentencing, we hope to see Pecile prohibited from working with horses in the future.

Of note: Quinn, aka Ezra, is back with her original owner.


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Sadistic Trainer Charged After Video Shows Horse Being Dragged Behind Vehicle

16,124 signatures = 81% of goal


16,124 Pat Wyman Jan 30, 2023
16,123 Sarah Rowe Jan 30, 2023
16,122 Barbra Music Jan 30, 2023
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16,115 Nancy Bowen Jan 30, 2023
16,114 Erin Shevlin Jan 29, 2023
16,113 Debra Gamble Jan 29, 2023
16,112 Nancy Davies This is so heartbreaking, I truly hope he is punished and goes to prison for animal abuse. Jan 29, 2023
16,111 Joan Quigley Jan 29, 2023
16,110 Sandra Simenson Jan 29, 2023
16,109 donna benjamin I hope the horror of this horse screaming in pain haunts her for the rest of her life and is never allow to step foot near a horse or any other animal ever again Jan 29, 2023
16,108 Faye Wetzel Jan 29, 2023
16,107 Bonnie Winter Jan 29, 2023
16,106 Terri Blackburn This is horrific cruel torture and abuse! She has to be punished severely for this horrible cruelty and torture to this defenseless horse! Jan 29, 2023
16,105 Phil Tamer Jan 29, 2023
16,104 Dawn Broadbent Animals deserve our help and protection, not our contempt and abuse and neglect. Jan 29, 2023
16,103 Lynn Hande Jan 29, 2023
16,102 Linda Lemmer Belongs in prison for very long sentence and charged with huge fine Jan 29, 2023
16,101 Julie Bird I believe prison time should be given! Jan 29, 2023
16,100 Anne Dunigan Jan 29, 2023
16,099 Janice Loftus Jan 29, 2023
16,098 Laura Van Assen Jan 29, 2023
16,097 Beverly Johnston Jan 29, 2023
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