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Puppy Died After Being Left In Metal Cage In Extreme Texas Heat

Published: July 15, 2022 at 12:53 PM Author: Penny Eims

Groves, Texas – On July 13, in the midst of a Texas heatwave that prompted officials to issue warnings, a puppy was left to suffer and die inside of a metal cage left on a concrete driveway outside of a residence in Groves.

A 10-year-old child saw the dying puppy in the cage on Wednesday afternoon and heard her screaming in agony. The child’s mother reached out to Animal Victory and shared the heartbreaking encounter:

My 10 year old stepson took a video of the puppy screaming rolling on it’s back at 2:45 and I got there at 3:11 and the puppy was stiff as a board and passed away. He didn’t know to call the cops and was too scared to go over there and do something since they’ve had previous confrontation with those neighbors.

View video here

The authorities are aware of this disgraceful incident and they issued a press release about their investigation on Friday, July 15.

Amazingly, the person at the residence denied knowledge of the puppy’s presence when questioned by the authorities – claiming that the pup belonged to her daughter who lives in Port Arthur. The woman told the authorities that she did not know that the pup had been dropped off outside of her home. Because of her claim of ignorance, the police were not able to make an arrest at the time.

The authorities said:

Once we complete our investigation, the case will be submitted to the Jefferson County DA’s office for review.
The offense is a class A misdemeanor for failing to provide necessary food, water, care, or shelter. A Class A misdemeanor is the most serious type of misdemeanor offense in Texas.
This release is from the initial assessment of the case, and the investigation is still pending.

Though the police have stated that misdemeanor charges are applicable, the Groves animal control officer, S. Esquivel, believes that it warrants a felony charge of animal cruelty. The Texas Penal Code appears to support his belief:

Cruelty to non-livestock animals: torture, killing, poisoning, or causing
serious bodily injury
TEX. PENAL CODE ANN. § 42.092(b)(1),(2)
1st offense: 3rd-degree felony
Subsequent offenses (including offenses under 42.09): 2nd degree

ACO Esquivel told KFDM News that the puppy’s internal temperature was still 106 degrees TWO HOURS after death. This puppy literally baked to death and the suffering she suffered is indescribable! There was nowhere to escape the scorching sun. No shade, no reprieve from the hot ground, no water – NOTHING. Her screams were ignored – she was screaming in pain, screaming for help, screaming into the sweltering air because there was nobody who cared about her pain.

What happened to this puppy is appalling. The people responsible for her death must be held accountable and we need your signature to convince the officials in Jefferson County that this case deserves the strongest applicable charge and the maximum sentence. Nothing will change for animal cruelty cases if people are not held accountable for their actions.

We the undersigned demand that the person(s) responsible for this puppy’s death is held responsible. We are petitioning for the responsible party to face a felony animal cruelty charge and the maximum punishment allowable by law.

A portion of the video can be seen at this link to YouTube. A word of warning, though not graphic, the video is painful to watch. For those who choose not to view it, the five-month-old puppy is locked in the cage, rolling back and forth on the ground with her tongue hanging out and heavy breathing. As a reminder, the video was recorded by a 10-year-old child, not an adult.



(Video provided to Animal Victory by Heather Gay/recorded by her 10-year-old stepson)

Update 8/2/2022: Animal Victory has sent 17,602 signatures along with our petition asking for an investigation update to Detective Mark Blum and Lieutenant detective, Robert Phillips.

Puppy Died After Being Left In Metal Cage In Extreme Texas Heat

17,715 signatures = 89% of goal

17,715 Natasha Green Aug 07, 2022
17,714 Deborah Fobes Aug 07, 2022
17,713 Paula Berry The little boy is a hero for bringing it to attention and although that poor puppy couldn’t be saved, he knew IT WAS WRONG and the video will be used to put the owner behind bars Aug 07, 2022
17,712 Crystal Wilson Aug 07, 2022
17,711 Judy Bufkin Aug 07, 2022
17,710 linda juilfs Unbelievable neglect and cruelty Aug 07, 2022
17,709 Garett Saye Aug 07, 2022
17,708 Cynthia Dalton Aug 07, 2022
17,707Anonymous Aug 07, 2022
17,706Anonymous You guys need to have commercials about this issue on TV, radio, and of course Social media. In Austin, people have busted the windows to save an animal that's locked in a car in the heat. Aug 06, 2022
17,705 Valerie Cranmer Aug 06, 2022
17,704 Jean Lawson Aug 06, 2022
17,703 Joseph Phillips Aug 06, 2022
17,702 Maria Gardner Aug 06, 2022
17,701 jeff grenhalgh Aug 06, 2022
17,700 Carol Boardman There are so many monsters out there we need better animals welfare laws Aug 06, 2022
17,699 Christina Ch Aug 06, 2022
17,698Anonymous Aug 06, 2022
17,697 Lucia Chua Aug 06, 2022
17,696 Mandy Edgar Aug 06, 2022
17,695 Genoveva Vasquez This is just wrong and unacceptable people need to keep an eye on there pets they aren’t just your pet they family you wouldn’t leave a baby out there in the heat you obviously have it with you inside well it’s the same with an animal regardless the point people need to be responsible for what happens to there pets when it comes to this type of situation Aug 06, 2022
17,694 Maria Anciso Aug 06, 2022
17,693 Sarika Arora Aug 05, 2022
17,692 suzette pasillas Aug 05, 2022
17,691 Kim Hilt Aug 05, 2022
17,690 Sylvana Carrara Just disgusting Aug 05, 2022
17,689 Susan Welch Aug 05, 2022
17,688 Micky DITSCH Aug 05, 2022
17,687 Florelisa Villaflor Aug 05, 2022
17,686 Lisa m Fera May the Evil get what they give GTH. Aug 05, 2022