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Punish Man Who Videotaped And Celebrated Fatal Dog Fight

Published: April 08, 2020 at 05:26 AM Author: Penny Eims

Cleveland, Tennessee – A 21-year-old Cleveland, Tennessee, man videotaped a horrific dog fight that resulted in the death of his neighbor’s dog. The man who not only videotaped the horrific fight but also celebrated his dog’s “good efforts,” is identified as Matthew Bryan Garman.

In a press release, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office recounted the dreadful details:

At approximately 4:24 p.m. on March 6 of 2020, a video was posted on Garman’s Facebook account showing two dogs fighting. In the video, one dog was on top of the other, pinning it down and biting it on the neck area. The caption posted with the video read “He did good”, in reference to the dog on top, which was later determined to belong to the family at the residence where the dog fight occurred.

A dog named Manny died from the injuries sustained in the dog fight. Please join us in asking for Garman to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for this heinous crime. A plea deal and slap on the wrist is NOT good enough!

Manny did not deserve the cruel, painful death that Garman caused. It is appalling that this violent fight was recorded and celebrated. It is disgraceful that no attempts to end the blood bath were made.

The Sheriff’s Office reviewed the case with the District Attorney’s office, charging Garman with one count of Fighting or Baiting of Animals. Garman was arrested and now he must face a significant sentence for his despicable act of cruelty! Please add your name to the petition – your signatures and comments will be given to the prosecutor along with a request for this man to face severe punishment.

Update 7/2020: VICTORY! Matthew pled guilty and received one year in jail for the animal cruelty charge and $650 in court costs and fines. He was also sentenced to six years in jail for violating probation and for previous charges.  Case # 2020CR146  Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign this petition. 14,788 signatures.

Update 3/24/2020:

“On Thursday, March 19 of 2020, Matthew Garman appeared before Judge Sheridan Randolph in General Sessions Court. Through his attorney, Garman waved his right to a preliminary hearing and was bound over to the Bradley County Grand Jury. District Attorney General Steve Crump and Sheriff Steve Lawson were present in the courtroom when Garman waived his right to the preliminary hearing. Garman will be facing charges of Fighting or Baiting of Animals when his case is heard by the Grand Jury.”

Updates will follow when they become available.

Source:  Bradley County Sheriff’s Office TN:

* Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

05/12/2020: Read Our Letter Here


Two Teens Charged For Brutal Beating That Left Dog Dead In Tennessee

16,178 signatures = 81% of goal

16,178 M.H. Lynch Remember, people, especially young people, who abuse animals have been proven to move on to abuse people!! These horrible kids are terrible danger to others. STOP THEM!! Jul 01, 2022
16,177 Tanya Miner Jul 01, 2022
16,176 Sulema Hammett Jul 01, 2022
16,175 Wendy Ruhland Jul 01, 2022
16,174 Shirley Wiechert Jun 30, 2022
16,173 Holly Mansfield Jun 30, 2022
16,172 Janis Keller Jun 30, 2022
16,171 Graziella Caruana Jun 29, 2022
16,170 Catherine Thomas Get justice please!!! Jun 29, 2022
16,169 rose moore Jun 29, 2022
16,168 Julie Wild Jun 29, 2022
16,167 Tina Castaneda I won’t watch the video.... I hope these pieces of trash get what they deserve....psychotic assholes Jun 28, 2022
16,166 Jacqueline Peipert Jun 28, 2022
16,165 Sheri Lane Jun 28, 2022
16,164 Ruth Stevenson I couldn't bring myself to watch the video of an animal being beaten to death. Please, please help to make sure these two sub-humans are punished to the fullest extent of the law for what they did. Jun 28, 2022
16,163 Kathy Mesch Jun 28, 2022
16,162 Tonya Austhof Jun 28, 2022
16,161 Maria Salazar Jun 27, 2022
16,160 Lori Borchert This is beyond inexcusable. Jun 27, 2022
16,159 E Froederberg Jun 27, 2022
16,158 E Froederberg Jun 27, 2022
16,157 Nancy Wakili So cruel and inhumane Jun 26, 2022
16,156 Joyce Bertram Jun 26, 2022
16,155 Nalini Cherian Jun 26, 2022
16,154 Karen Isaacs Jun 26, 2022
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