Punish Former Deputy Fire Marshal Who Starved K9 Partner To Death

Published: November 12, 2020 at 10:21 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Louisiana – A former Louisiana State Fire Marshal Deputy is facing multiple charges after he allegedly starved his own K-9 partner to death. The agency has identified Robert Fain, a corporal in the Shreveport area, as the man responsible for the death of Maily, a Belgian Malinois mix who died of neglectful malnourishment.

Maily died in October – her handler claimed that she had passed away because of a lengthy illness. But a necropsy on Maily’s body revealed that she died of starvation.

In a news release, State Fire Marshal Butch Browning commented on the heartbreaking case:

As a dog owner and former K-9 handler myself, these findings make me sick. We consider all of our K-9 officers part of our law enforcement family and treatment of these animals as anything less is unacceptable. Outright neglect and abuse like this will not be tolerated or excused. These actions alleged against Robert Fain are the actions of one individual and are not reflective of the dedication our handlers have to their K-9 partners nor of our agency’s commitment to public safety and abating arson.

Maily relied on Fain, her partner, to care for her but he betrayed her in the worst possible fashion. Now the former deputy is facing multiple charges including one count each of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and Malfeasance in Office as well as six counts of 1st Degree Injuring Public Records and four counts each of Theft and Payroll Fraud.

Please join us in asking for Fain to receive the maximum punishment for ALL of his charges – a plea deal is not acceptable! Maily deserves justice!

Update June 28/2022: The case is still open with no new court dates yet

June 2021: Animal Victory has learned that court (pretrial) is scheduled to take place in July.

Update 4/26/2021: Animal Victory has sent 20,461 signatures and comments to Ashley Rodrigue today for the upcoming court date. Please read our letter here.

Update 3/26/2021: Animal Victory has learned that court is scheduled for May 25, 2021.

Update 2/17/2021: Ashley Rodrigue, the State Fire Marshal’s public affairs director, has thanked Animal Victory for staying on top of this important case and she has assured us that they want to see the same just that we do. The next court date is scheduled for March 9, 2021.

Update 1/20/2020: Today we sent 10,472 signatures and comments to Ashley Rodrique along with our letter of intent. Read our letter here.

* Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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Punish Former Deputy Fire Marshal Who Starved K9 Partner To Death

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