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No Parole! Man Convicted Of Torturing, Dismembering, And Videotaping Dog Killings Wants Out Of Prison Early

Published: April 26, 2022 at 04:35 PM Author: Penny Eims

Reno, Nevada – In the summer of 2014, Jason Brown was arrested at a motel in Reno. Authorities found parts of dead and dismembered dogs in the room that Brown had been staying in, and gruesome videos were discovered showing Brown torturing and mutilating dogs that he had been given from unsuspecting pet owners who rehomed their dogs on Craigslist.

Brown was convicted in 2015 and sentenced to 28 years in prison for the crimes that are considered to be among the worst of all animal cruelty cases in Nevada’s history.

Washoe District Court Judge Sattler, who viewed Brown’s homemade dog-torture videos, said that they reminded him of child abuse:

“Images of innocent people in those cases children being victimized in the most god awful and horrific way. And so, as I watched the video in your case it was really more along those lines.” 

But now, after less than eight years behind bars, Brown wants out and he is asking the parole board to release him from prison.

Jason Brown claims that he is a changed person and he points the finger of blame at his prior drug use. But drug users are not known for obtaining animals, torturing and skinning them alive, and videotaping the unspeakable abuse to watch later. What Brown did is not normal, it is sadistic and deviant, and even the Washoe County District Attorney believes that this man will re-offend if he is released.

Is Jason Brown the type of person who should be allowed to walk free in society? Should his despicable crimes be diminished by allowing him to serve just a fraction of the sentence that he was originally given?

At Brown’s April parole hearing, Las Vegas city councilwoman Victoria Seaman said:

“He slowly butchered them … and made a video. I saw someone (at this hearing) who doesn’t really connect with what those animals went through.” Adding, “I don’t feel this person is ready to be released from prison.”

A decision will be made about Jason Brown’s early release on May 16; four of seven board members must agree to let him out early. Please add your name to the petition today. We will be sending your signatures and comments to the Parole Board to let them know how we feel about what this man did, and his opportunity to get out of prison without even serving half of his sentence.

We the undersigned demand that Jason Brown be denied early release from prison. This man is considered to be at high risk to re-offend and we, along with thousands of our supporters, want the parole board to know that his acts of abhorrent violence cannot and should not be diminished by letting him out early.

Note: Jason Brown is eligible for early release because of a loophole in Nevada state law that classifies his gruesome acts as “non-violent” because the victims were animals and not humans. Animal Victory will also be sending this petition to state lawmakers with a demand to close this loophole. What Jason Brown did is violent, depraved, and abhorrent and state law must recognize this.





Update 05/17/2022: VICTORY! Monica has informed Animal Victory that Jason Brown’s parole has been denied until April 2025.  Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. We will follow up again with a new petition to the Board of Parole in 2025.

Update: Monica J. Howk from the Board of Parole Commissioners has informed Animal Victory they did receive 16,271 signatures along with our letter of intent and has placed it in Jason Brown’s file.

No Parole! Man Convicted Of Torturing, Dismembering, And Videotaping Dog Killings Wants Out Of Prison Early

16,397 signatures = 82% of goal


16,397 Monique Castillo This MONSTER BELONGS BEHIND BARS FOREVER. If he gets out on parole, he’ll do the it again! No animal deserves what he did‼️ May 17, 2022
16,396 Michelle Hansen May 17, 2022
16,395 Lynn Tran-Huynh May 17, 2022
16,394 Hilarey Benda May 17, 2022
16,393 eugene henry May 17, 2022
16,392 Melissa Ruppert May 16, 2022
16,391 Daiana Soledad May 16, 2022
16,390 John Rutherford May 16, 2022
16,389 Nair Hassan May 16, 2022
16,388 Audra J This piece of human waste doesn't deserve to EVER see the light of day again! He is a MONSTER who has nothing but PURE EVIL in every part of his soul! HE MUST STAY IN PRISON OR WE WILL SEE OTHER MURDERS... I AM CONFIDENT OF THAT! May 16, 2022
16,387 Tiffany Lozano May 16, 2022
16,386 Sandra Sabine Dahlhaus May 16, 2022
16,385 Alexandra Symeon This Jason Brown looks evil to the core. What he did to those poor animals is inexcusable and horrific!!! This is an anathema to try and let him out of prison. There is no way this guy is reformed! He is capable of doing these torturous crimes against humans. He is a serial killer in the making! DON'T LET HIM OUT!!!! May 16, 2022
16,384 Mel van Helden May 16, 2022
16,383 Barbara Fritz May 16, 2022
16,382 Dennine Louk May 16, 2022
16,381 Magdalena García Pérez May 16, 2022
16,380 Karla Morales May 15, 2022
16,379 Debra Amthor This is pure evil and should never be allowed to walk among us again. May 15, 2022
16,378Anonymous May 15, 2022
16,377Anonymous Hell NO! !!!!!!!!! He must stay behind bars and we all hope someone kills him before he ever gets out to do this again!!! Just look at this psycho!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to die in the electric chair before he does this!!! May 15, 2022
16,376Anonymous May 15, 2022
16,375 Kerry Powell May 15, 2022
16,374 Caroline Poole May 15, 2022
16,373 Julie Lynn May 15, 2022
16,372 Shasta Robinson This should not even be up for consideration!!!! Keep him locked up!!! May 15, 2022
16,371 David White May 15, 2022
16,370 Natalie Ciric May 15, 2022
16,369 Joanna Brown Do not release this guy. He is trying to get out so he can pick up where he left off. He is a psychopath. May 15, 2022
16,368 elvira piantedosi-divico May 15, 2022