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Mother And Daughter Arrested On Felony Charges After Viral Video Shows Alleged Dog Abuse At Training Facility

Published: August 22, 2022 at 02:44 PM Author: Penny Eims

Lena, Louisiana –  On August 11, the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation after seeing a disturbing video of a dog being repeatedly hit with a riding whip at a local dog training facility. The investigation led to the arrest of Tina Frey, 52, and Victoria Brimer, 21. The mother and daughter duo operated the Cypress Arrow Kennel and K9 Academy.

The video that prompted the investigation circulated virally on social media and generated outrage from those who watched as the obviously distressed dog flails and screams with each lash of the crop.

Comments on social media reveal widespread dismay and anger over the way that the dog in the video was treated.

Even before the women were charged, the Facebook page for the training facility was shut down and the website removed. A search for the facility currently shows “permanently closed.”

The dog who is seen in the distressing video is named Fenixx and her owner, Carmen Cloute, spoke out to KALB News about the “training method” used on her dog:

“When I opened that email and that video, my blood ran cold. We called Tina. I said ‘Tina, what is this’ and she said ‘oh, that’s the correction training.’ We gave Cypress Arrow permission to make any corrections to any behavior that she was exhibiting. We would have never agreed to that method. The thing that’s just going on in my head is why, if she is a professional, didn’t she say ‘hey Mr. and Mrs. Cloute, I’m going to use this method. It’s going to look controversial. Do I have your permission?’ We would’ve never said yes to that.”

Another couple, who purchased their dog from Cypress Arrow Kennels, spoke out about the advice they were given by the kennel owners when their dog became aggressive. Randy and Dana Thomas said that they were advised by Frey to buy a wiffle ball bat and “beat her in the face.”

Another dog owner, who left a comment on Facebook about this training facility, claims that his dog was so severely injured while in Frey’s care that one of its legs had to be amputated.

The women who are facing charges believe that they are innocent and they see nothing wrong with their training methods. The authorities, and Animal Victory, believe that the video speaks for itself.

If you agree that the “correction training” used by these women is NOT okay, please add your name to the petition.

We the undersigned demand that Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer are held responsible for the cruel “training” methods that were used on a dog named Fenixx. We are petitioning for Frey and Brimer to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for their two charges of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. We also want to see Frey and Brimer prohibited from opening another training facility and/or training dogs in the future.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Watch journalist Paul Mueller’s interview with Rapides Parish District Attorney Phillip Terrell at this link to Facebook.

News Release


Update 10/4/22: This case is still being investigated. They are waiting to receive the case once it is complete. 

Mother And Daughter Arrested On Felony Charges After Viral Video Shows Alleged Dog Abuse At Training Facility

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14,631 Frocine Wiley What is wrong with can trainers lose their minds and degenerate to this seeming as good technique to them??? They need to be exposed, expelled and shamed, and never allowed near a dog again. That dog, I hope, has been rescued and restored. Jan 13, 2023
14,630 Johanna Reid Never allowed to touch an animal again in life.. jail time and fines lots of counciling classes. Jan 11, 2023
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