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Man Faces Felony Animal Cruelty After Viral Video Captures Him Repeatedly Whipping Dog

Published: June 28, 2022 at 12:29 PM Author: Penny Eims

Lufkin, Texas – On June 22, a man in Lufkin, Texas, was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty after authorities in Angelina County viewed a viral video showing him repeatedly whipping a screaming dog.

The man identified in the video is Lorenzo Johnson.

The video footage sparked outrage among everyone who watched as Johnson whipped a screaming dog again and again outside of his residence at the Pine Valley trailer park.


Taryn Cantu, who filmed the dog being whipped, tells the Lufkin Daily News that she had witnessed abuse at the property in the past, but the police “couldn’t do anything.” When she heard dogs crying last week she reported the abuse to the police and then captured a video so the authorities could take action.

Lorenzo Johnson has been hurting dogs for too long and we need your signature today to ensure that he finally faces punishment. Please add your name to the petition as we fight for the permanent removal of these dogs, the maximum sentence for the felony animal cruelty charge, and a ban on pet ownership in the future.

We the undersigned demand that Lorenzo Johnson is held responsible for the abhorrent abuse of his dogs.  We are petitioning for Johnson to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for the felony animal cruelty charge, in addition to being prohibited from owning or residing with animals in the future.

Video on Twitter below:

Update 8/5/2022: Animal Victory has been in touch with the prosecutor’s office. They have confirmed an investigation is still ongoing. Once it is completed the law enforcement agencies conducting the investigation will turn everything over to the DA’s office which will be reviewed and sent out for an indictment by the grand jury; which meets once a month. The dogs have been surrendered. They are currently safe, in an undisclosed location.

Update: 7/7/2022: Animal Victory has sent 15,225 signatures along with our petition letter to  Honorable Judge Donnie Puckett, Sheriff Greg Sanches, and Assistant DA Megan Ferguson.

Link to the courthouse here

Update 7/02/2022: The sheriff’s department has confirmed that the dogs were returned to Johnson after he posted the $7,000 bond. In a news conference, Sheriff Greg Sanches stated that it was ultimately the judge’s decision to return the dogs to Johnson and he urged those concerned to “respect the process.” Animal Victory will continue to petition for these dogs to be permanently removed from Johnson’s custody and for charges! We are as outraged as you are and we will be sending the petition (and your comments) to Judge Donnie Puckett at P. O. Box 150423, Lufkin, Texas 75915-0423

Update 6/30/2022: After the publication of this petition, Animal Victory has received information indicating that the charges against Lorenzo Johnson have been dropped and the dogs have been returned. We are waiting for confirmation of this information. If this is true, Animal Victory intends to continue petitioning for charges to be reinstated and the dogs to be permanently removed from Johnson’s possession. 

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Lufkin Daily News

Lufkin Daily News (interview with woman who captured video)



Man Faces Felony Animal Cruelty After Viral Video Captures Him Repeatedly Whipping Dog

16,087 signatures = 80% of goal

16,087 Deborah Fobes Aug 07, 2022
16,086 Paula Berry Aug 07, 2022
16,085 Francoise Raath Aug 07, 2022
16,084 Judy Bufkin Aug 07, 2022
16,083 karin schmitz Aug 06, 2022
16,082 Ernesto Meloni Aug 06, 2022
16,081Anonymous Aug 06, 2022
16,080 Douglas Hauge Aug 06, 2022
16,079 Maj Ylimys Aug 06, 2022
16,078 Nathalie Menu pourriture faut te faire la meme chose en taule Aug 06, 2022
16,077 Kim Hilt Aug 05, 2022
16,076 Pearl Raikin Aug 05, 2022
16,075 Micky DITSCH Aug 05, 2022
16,074 Christina Browder He should never be allowed to own any animals and should have to clean up at kennels for rest of his life... Aug 05, 2022
16,073 Marion Dixon Aug 05, 2022
16,072 Ana Carolina Casey Put this animal abusers in prison now is a federal law . Horrible monsters !! Aug 05, 2022
16,071 Judy Gleffe The dogs were returned to this monster if you can believe it. Animal welfare, the police and the judge are all useless. I personally called each of them and they didn’t care to take the dogs to safety. Sick people! Aug 05, 2022
16,070 Mey Lemba Aug 04, 2022
16,069 Louise Clayton Aug 04, 2022
16,068 miracle kelly The only way to STOP ANIMAL ABUSERS is to EUTHANIZE THEM, plain and simple!! Aug 03, 2022
16,067 Amy Garcia Aug 03, 2022
16,066Anonymous not to ever get the animals back .. never to own another one .. he is not stable .. a f----- coward .. the laws to to strick on this s--- .. it happens to much .. it will never end if our system does not make changes ... MAKE CHANGES .. he will never see these dogs again is a good starter .. Aug 03, 2022
16,065 Debi Bonanno Aug 03, 2022
16,064 JENNY Brown Aug 02, 2022
16,063 Donna Mcilrath Aug 02, 2022
16,062 Jane Ryan Please do not allow this intentional animal cruelty to go unpunished. Aug 02, 2022
16,061Anonymous Aug 02, 2022
16,060 Jonnie Garrett Aug 02, 2022
16,059 Vicki Garrett Aug 02, 2022
16,058 karen spinner Aug 02, 2022