Louisiana Man Captured On Video Using Taser On Dog Whose Face Is Covered In Duct Tape

Published: October 29, 2021 at 02:57 PM Author: Penny Eims

New Orleans, Louisiana – In October, a Louisiana man was captured in photos and on video using a taser on a tethered dog whose face was wrapped in duct tape. The man in the footage is identified as 20-year-old Karl Jackson, and amazingly, despite the torturous act of cruelty observed in the footage, he was only issued a citation.

The cruelty, described as “heinous” by local authorities, happened in the 7th Ward. The Humane Society of Louisiana outlined what allegedly happened:

“a young man placed a rope around his dog’s neck and then hung it from the door frame of his house, preventing it from moving. He then wrapped duct tape around the dog’s mouth, muzzle, and eyes, and proceeded to taser it.”

After the video and photos were presented to the New Orleans Police Department, a search warrant was issued and executed; officers found duct tape and a taser at the property. But the dog in the footage was nowhere to be found. It is believed that an accomplice took the dog, whose whereabouts currently remain unknown.

The Humane Society of Louisiana is hoping to locate the dog and take custody. On October 24, Jeff Dorson, the shelter’s executive director, said:

“Important news from the Humane Society of Louisiana: our reward for the safe transfer of the dog showed in these photos to our Humane Society has increased to $2000. Several concerned individuals and another humane organization have pledged an additional $1500, which has been added to our original $500 reward, which brings the total to 2k.”

Animal Victory is concerned about the welfare of this dog. We are working closely with executive director Jeff Dorson, and have let him know that Animal Victory is committed to adding an additional $500 to the reward fund to help find and safely transfer this dog to his shelter’s custody.

Animal Victory is appalled by what happened to this dog and we will be fighting for the maximum sentence. We are also going to ask the district attorney to increase the charge from a citation for cruelty to animals, to a felony charge of animal cruelty. Please add your name to the petition today – we want justice, and we want this dog found!

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the dog is asked to reach out to the Humane Society at 1-888-6-Humane (486263) or email them at info@humanela.org.

*Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law.


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Louisiana Man Captured On Video Using Taser On Dog Whose Face Is Covered In Duct Tape

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