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Justice For Young Dog Doused In Gasoline And Set On Fire

Published: July 07, 2022 at 01:36 PM Author: Penny Eims

Memphis, Tennessee – On June 20, someone doused a young dog in gasoline and set her on fire. Residents in the Nutbush area saw her running on the street…her body completely engulfed in flames.

Against all odds, the year-old dog, dubbed Riona, survived, and amazingly, her sweet demeanor remained intact. Riona initially went to Memphis Animal Services, and then Tails of Hope Dog Rescue took her under its wing.

The horrific burns, covering 60 percent of her body, have been treated by Bluff City Veterinary Specialists and as she recovers, the world has fallen in love with her.

People from across the globe want two things for Riona – her complete recovery, and justice. Riona’s abuser must be found and prosecuted! A reward fund to find the person(s) responsible has climbed to over $16,000.

We the undersigned demand that Quishon Brown face the maximum punishment for the charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty, Arson to wit Set Fire to Personal Property, and Simple Assault; charges resulting from setting a dog dubbed Riona on fire. We also demand that this man be permanently forbidden from owning or residing with animals.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.

Update: 10/03/2022: During the pre-trial hearing on 9/19/2022, probable cause was found and the case was moved to “Held to State”, meaning it was sent upstairs to be heard by a grand jury for indictment. There are no exact court dates when that happens. All cases sent to Grand Jury are heard in the order they are revived and given an ‘x’ amount of time in the session. Animal Victory does not have the next court date as of yet.

Update 9/12/2022: The preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 19, 2022, at 9 a.m. 


Update 8/27/2022:  A Mental Evaluation is being held on August 30th, 9:00 AM.

Update 8/9/2022: Quishon Brown’s next court date is August 10. Read Quishon’s case docket here.Brown_ Quishon

Animal Victory has sent this petition along with 32,513 signatures to prosecuting attorney Melissa Harris and Senior Felony Assistant Bryce Phillips.

Update 7/22/2022: Brown’s $5,000 bond was revoked when he violated the bond conditions. Judge Louis Montesi then increased the bond to $150,000 after a recorded phone call, between a woman at his home and Brown, was played in General Sessions Court. On the recorded call, Brown said, “You can shoot people when they come on your property. You can shoot the reporter. Wait til I get out. I’m going to shoot them, and I’m going to tell them I’m going to shoot them.”

Update 7/17/2022: A Shelby County judge ordered Brown to surrender the two pets at his home and he was not supposed to own or have contact with pets, but he violated that order and was arrested again on 7/16/22 because police received information that he had a puppy. According to Action 5 News, the police did not find the puppy when they arrested Brown for violating the conditions of his bond. Brown’s next court date is scheduled for July 21.

Breaking News Update 7/12/2022The Memphis Police have announced the arrest of 43-year-old Quishon Brown. On July 12 he was taken to jail on charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty, Arson to wit Set Fire to Personal Property, and Simple Assault. Read the full press release from the police here: Arrest in Animal Cruelty Case
Please continue to share this petition as Animal Victory fights for the maximum sentence for each and every charge that Quishon Brown is facing!

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Action News 5 July 12 (video about arrest and Riona’s progress)

Action News 5


ABC 24

The rescue agency is selling t-shirts through Bonfire to help raise funds for Riona’s ongoing veterinary care. Please click here to learn more.

Justice For Young Dog Doused In Gasoline And Set On Fire

34,760 signatures = 116% of goal


34,760 Jessica Pettingill Dec 02, 2022
34,759 Britt Pflüger Dec 02, 2022
34,758 Juanita Puntasecca The lack of empathy of this man to see the pictures of an innocent dog burned like that is scary. Mental illness or not this guy needs to stay looked up and away from society and animals. Dec 02, 2022
34,757 Michelle Auth Dec 02, 2022
34,756 Curtis Johnson Dec 02, 2022
34,755 Jamie Penland Please catch and arrest the sick unwanted cowards who do this crap to animals. I believe this should be something that would be just as bad as it would be if it were a child because all animals are just as important. We are there voice. They depend on us:(. Dec 02, 2022
34,754 Parnia Nmv I wish her a happy life Dec 01, 2022
34,753 Liana Guzman Nov 30, 2022
34,752 John Robertson Nov 30, 2022
34,751 Cecilia Danko Nov 30, 2022
34,750 Shaunie Casey Poor baby!!!! I hope the man that did this get's the justice he deserves. Nov 29, 2022
34,749 Rita Jesswein Sadistic monster must face a long sentence!! And pay for the cost of care to this precious baby!! Banned for life from even being near animals!! Nov 29, 2022
34,748 Melissa Anderson We love you Riona! Keep up the great recovery! Nov 29, 2022
34,747 Holly Bryan Any normal human can not do such a thing. He does not belong on our streets. Nov 29, 2022
34,746 Ellen Stokes God please end animal abuse and put those that do these horrific things behind bars where they belong!! Nov 29, 2022
34,745 Amy Taylor Nov 29, 2022
34,744 Sheila Naana Sackey Animals are sentient beings. They feel pain, sadness, happiness,love etc as every human feels. It is absolutely horrible to do this to any sentient being. Animals make us happy and we love them. Nov 29, 2022
34,743 Amy N I hope he spends life in jail for what he did! Regardless of it’s any life form, punishment to any animal should be the same if they did it to a human being! Imagine what consequences he would be facing if that was done to a human. Life in jail please Nov 28, 2022
34,742 Debbie Sattelmayer Nov 28, 2022
34,741 Lizz Begun Nov 28, 2022
34,740 Lisa & John Essary Nov 28, 2022
34,739 Dottie Dunn If he is found guilty someone should do the same thing to him that he did to Riona! Nov 27, 2022
34,738 Cyn Harrt An eye for an eye Nov 27, 2022
34,737 Rolanda Le Nov 27, 2022
34,736 Jennifer Hammond Nov 27, 2022
34,735 Hannah Bishop Nov 27, 2022
34,734 Shannon Bert Nov 27, 2022
34,733 N Robinson Nov 27, 2022
34,732 Paige Murphey Nov 26, 2022
34,731 Darcie Strausser Nov 26, 2022