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Justice For ‘Milo,’ Cat Found Skinned And Gutted Near His Family’s Home

Published: May 13, 2022 at 05:05 PM Author: Penny Eims

Rock Island, Illinois – In April, a beloved cat was discovered dead not far from his owner’s home. The black and white cat, named Milo, had been skinned and gutted – all of his organs were gone, aside from his kidneys which were surgically removed and placed next to his body.

Milo’s owner, Steve Havercamp, found the body approximately 40 yards from his home. He called animal control and the responding officer told him that it was the worst case of animal cruelty that he had seen in his 30-year career. Havercamp recounted what the officer told him,

“He was so shocked by it. He called the detective in to conduct a full investigation because this is an animal cruelty charge, which is a felony.”

Describing Milo’s mutilated body,

“His flesh was cut with a sharp blade that can be seen by how the flesh was removed, sharp edges to the cuts. All the muscle and tissue was flayed from the bone. There’s no bite marks; there’s no teeth marks, and you can see the surgical precision in place.”

Anyone who could commit a savage crime like this must be found and punished. This is an abhorrent act of cruelty and Animal Victory wants the person responsible to be found and held accountable. In addition to creating a petition to raise awareness of this crime, Animal Victory is contributing $1000 to a reward fund. Please support us as we work to find the person behind this evil crime.

If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500 or submit a Web Tip.  You do not have to give your name.  CRIME STOPPERS will pay a cash reward of up to $2500 and you can remain anonymous.


You can also provide tips/information about this situation to the authorities at 309-732-2677.

Update 6/21/2022: Animal Victory has sent 16,945 signatures to Chief Of Police Richard Landi.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



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Justice For 'Milo,' Cat Found Skinned And Gutted Near His Family's Home

17,022 signatures = 85% of goal

17,022 teresa Howroyd Jul 02, 2022
17,021 Kelly Loehe Why have people be one so evil. This person is beyond sick. Needs to get put away. Jul 02, 2022
17,020 Elsa Howstan Jul 01, 2022
17,019 Donna McCowen Jun 30, 2022
17,018 Lisa Snycerski JUSTICE! Jun 30, 2022
17,017 Catherine Thomas Please get justice for this little one. Jun 29, 2022
17,016 Ria Mewalal Jun 29, 2022
17,015 Ibarra Nathalie Jun 29, 2022
17,014 Angela Riddellbe Jun 29, 2022
17,013 Anna Stein Jun 29, 2022
17,012 Sheri Lane Jun 28, 2022
17,011 Maxine Grears Jun 28, 2022
17,010 Kathy Smith So horrib, this person must be found & locked up Jun 28, 2022
17,009 Tonya Austhof Jun 28, 2022
17,008 Tina Duarte Jun 27, 2022
17,007Anonymous Jun 27, 2022
17,006 E Froederberg Jun 27, 2022
17,005 Nancy Wakili So cruel and inhumane Jun 26, 2022
17,004 Nalini Cherian Jun 26, 2022
17,003 Karen Isaacs Jun 26, 2022
17,002 Annette Mittenthal Jun 25, 2022
17,001 cindy martin Jun 25, 2022
17,000 Elaine Rounds Jun 25, 2022
16,999 laura raforth PRISON TIME Jun 25, 2022
16,998 Alicea Campos Jun 24, 2022
16,997 Elaine Hegh Jun 24, 2022
16,996 Donna Stringer This poor baby. My heart breaks for Milo, and for his owners. Finding, prosecuting and punishing the individual responsible should be a priority. And let's not forget the correlation between animal abuse and the torture 7/or killing of humans. Jun 24, 2022
16,995Anonymous Jun 24, 2022
16,994Anonymous Jun 23, 2022
16,993 Tom Tumbrink This person needs to be found and needs to rot in jail!!!! I hope they have to answer to God when they die for this!! Absolutely sickening!!!!!! Jun 23, 2022