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Justice For Gentle Dog, Sealed Inside Wooden Dog House And Left To Die

Published: January 05, 2023 at 03:45 PM Author: Penny Eims

Oklahoma City, OK – A gentle dog survived the worst of humanity when he was sealed inside a wooden dog house and left to die in a grassy area near the Oklahoma River. Miraculously someone discovered him inside the box before dehydration and starvation stole his life.

The abandoned dog was discovered last Thursday in a grassy spot near Southwest 5th Street and South May Avenue. Rescuers had to pry off the screwed-in board sealing the dog inside of the wooden structure in order to reach him…he was taken to OKC Animal Welfare where he displayed an amazingly sweet and forgiving demeanor in spite of the horror he was subjected to.

But his body reveals that life was hard, even before someone screwed a board to the front of the dog house with him inside. The rescued pit bull is covered in small wounds and scars and he is “extremely malnourished.” The full extent of the trauma he has endured remains a sad mystery.

Evidence of his desperate effort to survive was found after the board covering the opening to the dog house was removed; the interior of the house was chewed and clawed up from his futile attempt to escape. One can only imagine the terror this dog felt when he was abandoned, with no means to escape his wooden tomb.

Against all odds, this dog is alive and receiving care, but the person who tried to kill him needs to be found. OKC Animal Welfare is asking anyone who recognizes the dog to call dispatch at 405-297-2255, so they can find the person responsible.

Animal Victory wants this psychopath to be found, arrested, and charged! We are hoping to raise funds to help provide a $500 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of whoever is responsible for this reprehensible act.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “FBI research indicates that most serial killers, school shooters, and mass murderers tortured animals as children. Another form of abuse, dogfighting, is also tied to criminal behavior beyond the harm to the animals.”

Please add your name to the petition today and share this petition with the hope that it will bring forward the information needed to arrest this monster before he/she harms another animal!

Note: This dog has been named Karus, and according to Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society he is enjoying the comforts of a foster home.


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Final Update: Animal Victory pursued this case as long as reasonably possible and regret that unfortunately, we are unable to reach the final verdict.

Update March 2023: The dog (renamed Diego) has recovered and he has been adopted! 

Justice For Gentle Dog, Sealed Inside Wooden Dog House And Left To Die

16,173 signatures = 81% of goal


16,173 Christine Elie Make an example out of them so the public knows animal abuse & neglect will not be tolerated and that ALL LIVES MATTER! Mar 22, 2023
16,172 Marsha Cozzi Mar 21, 2023
16,171 linda cole Mar 20, 2023
16,170 Jan Joyce Hope they find whoever did this and seal them inside their homemade coffin, poor dog Mar 19, 2023
16,169 Joyce Ann Gentile Mar 19, 2023
16,168 Mary Avakian Mar 19, 2023
16,167 Cynthia Wennemark Mar 18, 2023
16,166 Marjorie Minnetian Mar 18, 2023
16,165 Rozalina Subedi Mar 17, 2023
16,164 Lisa Acuna Animals deserve JUSTICE please PUNISH the monsters please Mar 17, 2023
16,163 isobel ewing Mar 17, 2023
16,162 Cheryle Lefort Mar 17, 2023
16,161 Judy Himphrey Mar 17, 2023
16,160 Georgia Prunty Mar 17, 2023
16,159 Kathleen Vernacchio Mar 16, 2023
16,158 Anna Florczak Mar 16, 2023
16,157 Leon Hobdari Mar 16, 2023
16,156 Jennifer Johns Mar 16, 2023
16,155 Ernesto Herrera Mar 16, 2023
16,154 Sylvie Darmon Mar 16, 2023
16,153 Laura D'Annunzio Please find and punish these cruel sick people. It takes a terrible person to hurt an animal when they should be not allowed to get away with it. Mar 16, 2023
16,152 Lynn Morgenstern Mar 15, 2023
16,151 Veronica Lopez Poor little boy...justice Mar 15, 2023
16,150 Charlene Monahan Mar 15, 2023
16,149 Sara Nix Mar 15, 2023
16,148 Susan Schake Mar 15, 2023
16,147 Shelley Smith Mar 15, 2023
16,146 Kathleen List Mar 15, 2023
16,145 Glenda Forrest Mar 15, 2023
16,144 cindy m Mar 15, 2023