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Husky ‘Cooked From The Inside’ After Owner Tethered And Muzzled Him Outside On The Hottest Day Of The Year

Published: June 23, 2022 at 03:35 PM Author: Penny Eims


Beaver County, Pennsylvania – On June 15, a Beaver County woman tethered her Husky, Noki, outside and left the dog chained with a muzzle on his face…it was the hottest day of the year and Noki had no water or access to shade. The tether prevented him from escaping the 90+ degree heat, and the muzzle kept him from being able to cool himself, even moderately, through panting.

When officers arrived at 29-year-old Di Xiao’s home in Baden, Noki was on the ground and in “severe distress” from the extreme heat. When questioned about the dog being left outside to suffer, Xiao stared at the officer blankly.

After Noki was taken to a veterinary hospital, the veterinarian explained that he had “cooked from the inside,” with an internal temperature so high that there was initially no reading on the thermometer – when his temperature started to fall, it finally registered at 109 degrees. At this point, Noki was seizing and bleeding because the intense heat caused his organs to shut down. The only option was humane euthanasia.

Beaver County Humane Officer Tristan Wenzig said, “If a dog is left outside for a long period of time, just like a human being without proper shelter, food and water, you’re going to have your internal organs cook.”

Neighbor Eda Giordani, who had called animal control on Noki’s behalf in the past, told CBS News:

“She is responsible for the death of that dog. Absolutely in my mind.”

Xiao is facing two felony charges of aggravated cruelty to an animal and four misdemeanor counts of cruelty and neglect to animals. She violated Pennsylvania’s Libre’s Law which stipulates that dogs must have access to shade and water when outside, and specifies that they cannot be left outdoors for more than 30 minutes in potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Please add your name to the petition as we fight for justice on behalf of this innocent dog who was left to suffer and die because of Di Xiao’s cruel negligence.

We the undersigned demand that Di Xiao is held responsible for the causing her dog, Noki, to suffer fatal heatstroke. We are petitioning for Xiao to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law, in addition to being prohibited from owning or residing with animals in the future.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


CBS News


Update 6/28/2022: Defendant Xiao, Di, the court date is 8/17/2022 at 1:00 pm, Beaver County PA Common Pleas Court. Case # CP-04-CR-0001000-2022

Husky ‘Cooked From The Inside’ After Owner Tethered And Muzzled Him Outside On The Hottest Day Of The Year

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17,713 Lisa Whipple Jul 02, 2022
17,712 Paula Murphy Jul 02, 2022
17,711 vickie wells Jul 02, 2022
17,710 Kelly Loehe Why even get an animal if you don't plan on caring for it or loving it. Dogs are pack animals. Useless people. Punish to the fullest extent of the law. Jul 01, 2022
17,709 Connie Barrett Jul 01, 2022
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17,702 Richard Bertoni LOWLIFE GARBAGE Jul 01, 2022
17,701 Tracy Carroll Charge, prosecute and sentence to the maximum allowed. Jul 01, 2022
17,700 Susan Fong Convict, jail, and fine this creep. Jul 01, 2022
17,699 M.H. Lynch Disgusting behavior!! Put her in prison. Jul 01, 2022
17,698 Lori Seiffert Jul 01, 2022
17,697 Eugenia King This was no accident - she deliberately made that poor dog suffer and die. Why? She must be VERY mentally warped to deliberately torture and kill a helpless and innocent animal. She should NEVER be allowed to have an animal in care again. Jul 01, 2022
17,696 Christine Day Jul 01, 2022
17,695 Kate Good Jul 01, 2022
17,694 Linda Green Should never have another animal Jul 01, 2022
17,693 Jayna Johnson Jul 01, 2022
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17,686 Deborah knox Please serious jail time heavy fines. Never to own an animal again. Jul 01, 2022
17,685 Taylor Swift Jul 01, 2022
17,684Anonymous I hope there is a special place in the afterlife, for horrible animal abusers like this. Where they can cook from the inside out. Jul 01, 2022