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Gambler Enjoyed Air-Conditioned Vegas Casino While His Puppy Suffered With Taped Muzzle In Parked Car

Published: August 02, 2022 at 03:40 PM Author: Penny Eims

Las Vegas, Nevada – On July 20, while the blazing Las Vegas sun was out in full force, 50-year-old Raul Carbajal put medical tape around his husky puppy’s muzzle and then went into the air-conditioned interior of the Bellagio Resort to gamble. Carbajal left his muzzled puppy inside of his Mercedes, which was parked on the top floor of the Bellagio parking garage; the temperature on this day reached 113 degrees.

An alert Bellagio security guard noticed the puppy inside of the parked car and the pup was removed through the vehicle’s sunroof.

The Las Vegas Metro Police (LVMPD) responded to the parking garage and arrested Carbajal. You can hear the anger in the arresting officer’s voice as he places the California man in handcuffs and puts him into the patrol vehicle while asking the man if he “realized how hot it is outside.” The officer added, “You had the vehicle off, windows up, and you had tape around your dog’s mouth.”

It is a miracle that this puppy is alive. Carbajal put tape around his muzzle, preventing him from panting to cool his little body. He left him in a car, parked in the direct sunlight, on a day that climbed to 113 degrees. If not for the alert security guard, this puppy would be dead. On July 28, the Las Vegas Metro Police said that the pup was STILL receiving veterinary care for the July 20 incident. It goes without saying that even though the puppy survived, he suffered tremendously during the two hours of agony inside Carbajal’s car.

Carbajal is facing a felony charge for willful, malicious torture of an animal, and we need your signature to ensure that he gets the maximum punishment for his deplorable act of cruelty.

We the undersigned demand that Raul Carbajal is held responsible for leaving a puppy inside of his parked vehicle for two hours while he gambled inside an air-conditioned casino. We are petitioning for Carbajal to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for the felony charge of willful, malicious torture of an animal and we want him to be permanently prohibited from owning or residing with animals.

On August 2, Animal Victory spoke to LVMPD Officer 1306, and she advised that said that she could not reveal ANY details, including the whereabouts or condition of the puppy while the case is active and open. The case is active and under the Regional Justice Center for Clark County. We have been informed that the preliminary court date is scheduled to take place on October 25, 2022. It is set for 8:30 a.m. in the Clark County Regional Justice Center.

Carbajal_ Raul

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


Link to LVMPD video and press release about this animal cruelty incident 

New York Post

Law and Crime

Update 9/7/2022: Animal Victory has sent 12,667 signatures to Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

Update 8/11/2022: Animal Victory has learned that the puppy, named Dutchess, has recovered and was recently adopted by a new family. Please read the story here.

Gambler Enjoyed Air-Conditioned Vegas Casino While His Puppy Suffered With Taped Muzzle In Parked Car

13,036 signatures = 65% of goal


13,036 Emilia Muntean Dec 01, 2022
13,035 donna benjamin put him in a car put tape around his mouth shut all windows turn the car off and put him on the roof where he left the defenseless dog and let him rot for 2 hours and walk away Nov 30, 2022
13,034 John Robertson Nov 30, 2022
13,033 Sherry Nillissen Nov 30, 2022
13,032 Motomi Yang Nov 29, 2022
13,031 Elexas Arnold Nov 26, 2022
13,030 George Heppel Nov 25, 2022
13,029 MORI MIKA Nov 21, 2022
13,028 matilde damian Nov 20, 2022
13,027 Susan Cunningham Nov 19, 2022
13,026 Tammy Bullock to bad we cant do that to him and let him know what that puppy went through Nov 19, 2022
13,025 Lisel Sipes LOSER! Nov 19, 2022
13,024 Dana Dykes Nov 19, 2022
13,023 Cynthia Nicklyn Nov 18, 2022
13,022 Elisabeth Jost Nov 18, 2022
13,021 Charla Miller Nov 18, 2022
13,020 Kari King Nov 17, 2022
13,019 Frances Hutson Take this human out to the desert and leave him with the windows up and no food or water for days in 100+ temps Nov 17, 2022
13,018 Kim Fischer Nov 17, 2022
13,017 ELYZABETH MUNOZ Nov 17, 2022
13,016 Megan Runser Nov 16, 2022
13,015 Christina Roop Nov 16, 2022
13,014 Karin Hoad Nov 16, 2022
13,013 Anne Dunigan Nov 16, 2022
13,012 Robin Costello Nov 15, 2022
13,011 Maureen Henderson Another piece of excrement that needs flushing down the loo Nov 15, 2022
13,010 Flora Weldon Put him jail for the rest of his life Nov 15, 2022
13,009 Sal McGhee Nov 15, 2022
13,008 Karen McGhee Nov 15, 2022
13,007 Luciana Campos Nov 14, 2022