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Florida Man Accused Of Stomping Husky Puppy To Death

Published: August 24, 2021 at 03:11 AM Author: Penny Eims

Orlando, Florida – A man in Orlando, Florida, is accused of a heinous act of cruelty that claimed the life of a three-month-old husky puppy. The Orlando Police Department identifies 22-year-old Juan Félix as the man who was seen stomping the puppy to death on August 11, 2021.

In a release, the Orlando Police Department stated:

ARRESTED: Orange County Animal Services went to a home near Lee Vista Blvd after receiving an anonymous tip about a man seen outside a home “stomping” a puppy. They found the 3-month old husky dead inside a crate. OPD officers arrested Juan Félix, 22, on 08/11.

There are nearly 200 comments on the police department’s news release – most everyone is in agreement that this man deserves to be strongly punished for his brutal act of cruelty:


Stock image of a husky puppy  

Félix is charged with cruelty to animals, a third-degree felony, as a result of the August 11 incident. We need your support to ensure that this man receives the maximum sentence for his felony animal cruelty charge, and we want the court to prohibit him from owning any pets in the future.

This innocent puppy did NOTHING to deserve being stomped to death.  Juan Félix must pay for his despicable actions!


Fox 39 

Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Police News Release Via Facebook

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Petition Letter


Update 5/20/2022: Animal Victory is disappointed to learn that this case has been closed. Félix was issued a fine and ordered to attend a mandatory pet class. We did find a letter the defendant wrote to the judge. The court had his name wrong.  We’ve attached the defendant’s letter here. __CWPSEAA01.myorangeclerk.net_AbstractionData_RedactedImages_BEGPATHYMD_2022_01_31_BEGPATHYMD_3_A159EA79-DF76-4934-BAD8-09FC0D33BAB7.TIF.pdf.tmp

We thank everyone who took the time to help us fight for justice.

Update 4/06/2022: As of 4/5/2022, there is still an active warrant/capias for the suspect.

Update 9/13/2021: Animal Victory has learned that court is scheduled for 9/14/2021. We will provide an update about the court session as soon as it becomes available.

Florida Man Accused Of Stomping Husky Puppy To Death

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20,236 Lee Bodenhamer III Please place him in jail for a reasonable time, maybe someone might stomp on him! May 04, 2022
20,235 Betty Geib May 03, 2022
20,234 Lori Rumpf May 03, 2022
20,233 Silvanna Richardson This evil man needs to be locked up in jail for a minimum of 30 years the laws need to change May 02, 2022
20,232 Corinne Lynch May 02, 2022
20,231 M Ruth Correia May 02, 2022
20,230 Lily Lopez If you are going to hurt, abuse, neglect, beat, kill, torture an animal – you’re going to do it to a person. Lock up this monster & throw away the key. May 02, 2022
20,229 Lynn Smillie May 02, 2022
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20,222 Rachael Lafon LOSER. May 01, 2022
20,221 Janne Wilson What goes around should come around May 01, 2022
20,220 Mardie Le Bouton Neither here nor there, but all of my dogs have been huskies. This one just happened to be one and all he had to do was give it up to a rescue, or a shelter. May not have thought of that, but anyone who can do that to a puppy may later turn to humans. Give him his due justice by going away for a long time. May 01, 2022