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Family’s Dog Tased And Dragged To Death By Police After He Accidentally Escaped From His Home

Published: January 31, 2023 at 04:21 PM Author: Penny Eims

Lodi, CA – A family’s beloved dog is dead after he was repeatedly tased and dragged by Lodi police officers on the afternoon of January 24. His name was Enzo, and the two-year-old Husky was running free because a door was accidentally left unlatched at his home, allowing him to escape.

Video uploaded to social media captures Enzo’s last moments alive…and the footage is brutal to watch. Enzo can be seen standing in the street when an officer approaches and discharges a taser gun. Enzo falls to his side, briefly regains his footing, and then falls over once again.

While Enzo is being tased, an animal control officer secures a catchpole snare around his neck.

The first officer CONTINUES to deploy the taser as Enzo is dragged across the pavement to an animal control vehicle.

The non-stop deployment of the taser, in addition to being dragged with a snare around his neck, causes Enzo to die. His last moments alive were filled with pain and terror.

On the video, a stunned witness can be heard questioning one of the officers about why Enzo was tased and dragged. The man can be heard stating that Enzo had been standing there with him and his girlfriend, allowing them to pet him before the police showed up.

Why was Enzo tased THE ENTIRE TIME that he was being dragged by his neck? Why was he tased at all if he had been standing there, letting strangers pet him? Why was he dragged by his neck?

Suffice it to say, Enzo’s death has caused outrage among nearly everyone who has viewed the shocking video. And his owners, Anna Marquez, and Aline Galeno are rightfully devastated by Enzo’s untimely and cruel demise.

The police claim that Enzo had been trying to attack kids before they were called; a claim that is disputed. In fact, it has been alleged that the claim of Enzo acting aggressively was a lie created to save the officers who were involved from being held accountable for Enzo’s death.

The individuals identified as being involved in Enzo’s death are Officers Timothy Ivey, Chris Delgado, and animal control officer Jordan Kranich.

If you are appalled by this incident and want these officers to be held accountable for Enzo’s death, please add your name to the petition today! We need your support to show officials that Enzo’s life mattered.

We the undersigned demand that the Lodi Police Department conduct a full investigation into this deadly incident. We demand that the body cam footage be released and that the statement from whoever was allegedly frightened of Enzo be made public. If the investigation shows that these officers were in the wrong, as it appears they were, we want them to be held accountable for this dog’s death. Officers who abuse their power should not be allowed to continue being part of law enforcement.

Video footage of Enzo’s last moments alive can be viewed to the right side of this petition if you are viewing from a computer. It is difficult to watch, especially knowing the devastating outcome.

(All images via screengrab from news agencies/Facebook)

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



ABC 10 News


Family’s Dog Tased And Dragged To Death By Police After He Accidentally Escaped From His Home

21,387 signatures = 107% of goal


21,387 Linda Werner Fired from jobs, major compensation to owners of Enzo, prison time of at least 5 years. Positive these people of authority have lied before and enjoyed every moment of abuse they handed out. This is one of the reasons people do not trust police or other authority figures. Set an example and punish severely, Enzo could have been a person. Sep 23, 2023
21,386 Jessica Dockter Sep 23, 2023
21,385 Sally Wood Shocking incompetance and dereliction of duty. They are not fit to be on the force, just pathetic spinless abusers Sep 23, 2023
21,384 Nina Carey Sep 16, 2023
21,383 Loretta Cuesta Sep 16, 2023
21,382 karen Wible Sep 12, 2023
21,381 Ruth Tonkin Please stop these mentally ill monsters that hurt animals!!! Sep 12, 2023
21,380Anonymous These sadistic cops should be fired from the force and prosecuted for what the did to this poor animal. Then lied about it. If you can't trust the police who are supposed to protect all...who can you trust? Sep 12, 2023
21,379 RUGGERO BONAZZA Justice for Enzo Sep 08, 2023
21,378 Krisha Ballard This is exactly the type of law enforcement we want OFF THE FORCE! People with that mindset, don't belong policing our streets. We will never be able to trust our law enforcement if they keep killing our pets and family members! I am so disgusted! REFORM is needed so bad in the USA. Sep 05, 2023
21,377 Tara McCann Sep 04, 2023
21,376 Kay Kurz We are relying on these IDIOT cops and I don’t mean all cops to protect and serve and this is the things that we’re witnessing! Our country is failing and so is our justice system! Aug 29, 2023
21,375Anonymous Aug 27, 2023
21,374 Kimberly Bellefontaine Aug 27, 2023
21,373 Lorraine Andersen Aug 24, 2023
21,372 Susanne Kraft Aug 23, 2023
21,371 Jenni Audette Aug 23, 2023
21,370 Emily Richardson Punish this officer by banning from service, take all his firearms, list him as animal killer with federal authorities, ban him from living with or being near all animals. Fine him and put in prison. Aug 22, 2023
21,369 Dawn Chamberlain Aug 21, 2023
21,368 Connie Scalfaro Aug 20, 2023
21,366Anonymous Aug 18, 2023
21,365 Amelia Aceves Aug 15, 2023
21,364 Suzanne Wiegand Aug 10, 2023
21,363 Allan Rubin Police should be convicted of animal abuse, just as civilians are. However, the police should receive a stiffer sentence, aren't they supposed to know better? To protect and serve, does NOT mean kill a dog that attacked no one and the only crime it committed was escaping his yard which was his human's fault!! Punish all those officers to the fullest extent of the law!!! Aug 09, 2023
21,362 Sheryl Myhan Aug 08, 2023
21,361 Evelia Melendez This is heart breaking Aug 08, 2023
21,360 Megan Sherwood Aug 02, 2023
21,359 Arlene Millar Jul 27, 2023
21,358 Brianna Preblich Jul 27, 2023