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Evil Couple Tosses Kitten Back And Forth In Ocean Like A Frisbee

Published: October 24, 2022 at 12:14 PM Author: Penny Eims

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida – An innocent kitten nearly drowned after being cruelly tortured by a couple visiting Sunny Isles Beach in late September. The couple, identified as 27-year-old John Laguerre and 22-year-old Jamarria Wayne, seemed to be taking sick pleasure in the kitten’s distress as they hurled her into the water in front of shocked beachgoers.

Natalia Martin witnessed the abuse and confronted the couple about their appalling behavior. She recalls their response:

“The guy started being so aggressive towards me. He starts stepping up, he says, ‘Hey, look, this is my cat. This is not your business. I can do what I want.’ And then he was like, ‘If you don’t want me to throw the cat, give me $1,000 right now.”

Describing the toll it was taking on the tiny kitten:

“They were throwing her like this into the water. They were trying to make her swim and the cat was so scared, she was passing out already. She was half alive.”

The situation continued to deteriorate after the police showed up and confronted them. John Laguerre was defiant and resisted arrest as he hurled profanities at the officers. Jamarria Wayne was not cooperative either; screaming and threatening to bite the officers.

The incident resulted in multiple charges for the couple. Wayne was charged with two felony counts of battery and attempted battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest, while Laguerre was charged with resisting arrest and animal cruelty — both misdemeanor charges.

Who takes pleasure in hurting a tiny, innocent kitten? What type of person is capable of such appalling, cruel behavior? The FBI has identified cruelty to animals as a dangerous sign of psychopathy; an indicator that someone has a high risk for committing future acts of violence that pose a danger to the entire community. In fact, the FBI has linked a history of animal abuse to most serial killers, school shooters, and mass murderers.

If you are as sickened by this incident as we are, please add your name to the petition today!

View the video on Youtube at this link.

We the undersigned demand that John Laguerre and Jamarria Wayne be held accountable for the torture and abuse of an innocent kitten. We are petitioning for this couple to face the maximum sentence for each and every charge resulting from this incident, in addition to a lifelong ban from animal ownership. Additionally, we want to see this couple receive mandated psychological therapy to prevent them from repeating this deranged behavior in the future.

The silver lining: Though the kitten was described as “half-dead” after nearly drowning, she did survive and was ultimately adopted by Natalia Martin, the good Samaritan who intervened before officers arrived.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Update 1/20/2023: Animal Victory has learned that Jamaria Wayne is scheduled for a hearing on 01/25/2023 at 09:30 a.m.

Update 1/10/2023: Animal Victory has sent 19,634 signatures along with the petition to State Attorney Nicholas Sconzo, prosecuting attorney for Jammaria Wayne’s case, and to State Attorney Kassandra Cabrera, prosecuting attorney for John Laguerre’s case.

Update 12/23/2022: There is an evaluation on January 11, 2023, for Jamaria Wayne. This is a process through which the accused is assessed to determine their mental state and whether they are fit to stand trial. Wayne  LAGUERRE, JOHN WESLEY is scheduled for a hearing on January 12, 2023. Wesley is charged as indicated below.


Evil couple tosses kitten back and forth in ocean like a frisbee

19,911 signatures = 100% of goal


19,911 Laura Allen Mar 24, 2023
19,910 Sharon Ryan Mar 23, 2023
19,909 Maria Morringello Mar 22, 2023
19,908 Alexa Wall This is disgusting. If this animal were a human, it would be considered torture and endangerment. But no one cares if other animals are in danger, right? Don't forget that humans are animals too. They feel like we do, and we feel like they do. Mar 22, 2023
19,907 Catherine CANONGE Mar 20, 2023
19,906 Tom Lucier I I don't like some evil peopl in the cat and dog meat trade, even they have a purpose for their actions, comes from generations of culturally misled people! These guy's have no purpose! The laughter is straight from the devil ! Mar 19, 2023
19,905 Cynthia Wennemark Mar 18, 2023
19,904 Mari Livaccari Mar 17, 2023
19,903 Lisa Acuna PUNISH these ugly heartless people please please Mar 17, 2023
19,902 Ellen Munoz Interesting how some people demand their rights to be protected yet show no compassion or empathy for an innocent helpless animal. The law needs to show them differently. Mar 15, 2023
19,901 Lisa Sebesta I really believe we should start doing the same thing to the abuser that was done to the animal and if they survive it proceed with court process! Mar 14, 2023
19,900 Louis BALLY Mar 14, 2023
19,899 Lucette BALLY Mar 14, 2023
19,898 Rosa Lucisano Mar 13, 2023
19,897 Dottie Fleischmann Mar 13, 2023
19,896 Maggie Fukuda Mar 13, 2023
19,895 M W Mar 12, 2023
19,894 Regina Boots Mar 12, 2023
19,893 Tonya Austhof Mar 12, 2023
19,892 Zachary Smith Mar 10, 2023
19,891 Dima Salloum Mar 10, 2023
19,890 Chrystelle Sauzet Mar 09, 2023
19,889 Marisa Avolio Mar 09, 2023
19,888 Stephanie Latham-Magee Mar 09, 2023
19,887 Laetitia PAVESI Mar 09, 2023
19,886 Grace VanEss Mar 09, 2023
19,885 claire libert Mar 09, 2023
19,884 Christina Bell Mar 09, 2023
19,883 Annette Miro-Cassar Mar 08, 2023
19,882 Melissa Brinskelle Mar 08, 2023