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Drugs, Cash, Guns And Fighting Equipment Found At Elaborate Dog Fighting Operation In Ohio

Published: May 27, 2021 at 06:15 AM Author: Penny Eims

Warren, Ohio – In May, the authorities found drugs, cash, guns, and dog-fighting paraphernalia at an “elaborate” dogfighting operation in Ohio. Warren Police made the discovery while executing a search warrant during a drug investigation at Stanley Redd, Jr.’s residence.

Redd, who has already spent months in prison for a prior drug conviction, was jailed and he is facing a slew of charges. We need your support to ensure that this man does not receive a plea deal – he must receive the maximum sentence for each and every charge. He is already a repeat offender – enough is enough!

Two locations, a residence on Austin Avenue and another on Bane Street SW, were found with drugs and dog fighting equipment. The authorities found dogs being used and trained for fighting, as well as a fighting ring, and a treadmill with blood on it.

Humane agents found seven dogs at the first location, and then an additional five at a different residence. According to the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County, as of May 20, “More animals (were) seized in connection with this ongoing investigation.”

Warren Police Lt. Greg Hoso stated that this was one of the “most elaborate” dogfighting operations that he had encountered in his 26 years of investigating. He said, “We weren’t going there to look for that, but we just happened to come across that, which I’m surprised we didn’t get complaints about it because it looks like it was a pretty elaborate setup.”

The dogfighting operation uncovered in Trumbull County is the perfect example of how dog-fighting goes hand-in-hand with other illegal activities. How many dogs suffered and died because of Redd’s actions? He must be stopped for good!

Animal Victory is aware that Stanley Redd Jr. is facing gun charges, and Municipal Judge Terry Ivanchak has stated that a “slew of additional charges” will likely be coming soon. We need your support to ensure that this man receives the maximum punishment for each and every charge stemming from this horrible situation! He must be prevented from ever doing this again.

Note: Dogs seized in the raids were taken to the Animal Welfare League for care.

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Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Update 5/9/2022:  Animal Victory is disappointed to learn that the animal cruelty charges for this case were dismissed. After turning himself in, the drug felony cases were reopened. Thank you for signing the petition and helping Animal Victory fight for justice. We are dismayed that the animal cruelty charges were dismissed.

Update July 27/2021: Animal Victory has sent 12,822 to Chris Becker at Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.



Drugs, Cash, Guns And Fighting Equipment Found At Elaborate Dog Fighting Operation In Ohio

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520 Shannon Nichols Oct 07, 2022
519 Fabienne Rostan Oct 01, 2022
518 Alex Washington No more injustice Sep 28, 2022
517 Andrea Morris Sep 23, 2022
516 Jose Carmona Sep 23, 2022
515 Marga Gili Sep 22, 2022
514 Guisselle Martinez Sep 17, 2022
513 PIERANGELO VESTRINI Stanley Redd Jr., enjoy your stay in jail !!! Sep 16, 2022
512 paula mitchell Sep 16, 2022
511 Carmen Verdugo Sep 11, 2022
510 Kelly A Kalish Sep 10, 2022
509 Michelle Krueger Sep 09, 2022
508 Tammy Welch Sep 07, 2022
507 Nancy Coupe Sep 03, 2022
506 Valeria Rushiti All lowlifes who torture, abuse dogs for dogfight deserve death penalty once and for all so this non sense ends forever . We need strict laws against dogfight , strict laws for any type of abuse and strong, strict laws for protecting animals rights. Zero tolerance for any type of abuse . Death penalty for all lowlifes Aug 28, 2022
505 Farah Khumbatta Aug 20, 2022
504 Helen Blue This scum MUST BE PROSECUTED for animal cruelty! To let him off sends a message to all dog fighting scum that it’s ok! IT’S NOT OK!! It’s torture and extreme cruelty!! Don’t let him get away with this disgusting, cruelty and torture of animals!! Aug 19, 2022
503 Anu Dutt Aug 18, 2022
502 Karen Broten Some countries cut the abusers hands off, maybe its time this country starts doing that. Aug 16, 2022
501 Donna Blankenship Wtf? Dismissed? Why? I'm soooo very upset w this sentence more like mad as hell! Aug 14, 2022
500 Nikki Luu Aug 12, 2022
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494 Sandy Gross Aug 05, 2022
493 Ana Carolina Casey Put this dog abuser in prison for ever evil monster! Aug 05, 2022
492 Gerri Ricciardi Pos Aug 05, 2022
491Anonymous Gitmo and never let him be out. Save the dogs Aug 04, 2022