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Dog Slowly Suffered And Died On The End Of A Chain: Demand Investigation And Charges!

Published: October 24, 2020 at 08:52 AM Author: Penny Eims

Mobile, Alabama – An unforgivable act of cruelty took place in Mobile, Alabama, and we are demanding an investigation and charges! The dog you see in this photo (Tazi) was left to suffer and die a slow and agonizing death at the end of a chain. Though animal control was notified of the situation, the dog’s despicable owner spun a story about Tazi being a guard dog and no further action was taken.

Tazi suffered through the heat, and the cold – without food, without companionship, until the day that he laid down beneath a structure and died. This is utterly unacceptable and we need your signatures to convince law enforcement to do a thorough investigation and recommend charges against Tazi’s owner!

This abhorrent case of neglect and cruelty dates back to 2019. Though the mayor and animal control agency were contacted, nobody felt that the situation warranted charges…because apparently, nobody felt that Tazi mattered enough.

Tazi’s advocate lays out the timeline and details of what transpired:

He suffered through a hot summer, no food or water, and died in August/September 2019. I found his remains on October 17, 2019, because I smelled him.
The photo of him alive was taken in April 2019, shortly before a visit to the property by animal control. The property owner was contacted by animal control. The owner explained that the dogs were left at this empty property as guard dogs. And that was OK.
The photo of him alive was taken by a teacher who worked at the middle school NEXT DOOR to this house. That’s right…teachers and parents drove past this dog, chained in the side yard, viewable from the street that leads to the school. Children walked past this yard on their way to school. Only one teacher spoke for him. She made numerous complaints to animal control and has written documentation of their contact with the dog owner.

The person responsible for Tazi’s death must be arrested, charged, and punished. We need your signature today to make this happen. Please join us in seeking justice for Tazi.

We the undersigned demand Tazi’s abuser to be arrested, charged, and served the maximum punishment allowed by law.


City of Mobile Animal Control director Corrie Hoium, Chief Lawrence Battiste, Mobile Police Department, Mayor Stimpson

Update 4/15/2022: Joyce Jackson, the Paralegal for Shelley Corley/ Katriesa Crummie, tells Animal Victory that Marcus Kyles failed to appear in court on Wednesday. She indicated that there may have been an issue with serving him with Notice. The arraignment on 4/13 has been reset to either 5/25/22 or 7/13/22 at 1 pm to execute notice.

Update 2/21/2022: Animal Victory has sent 48,239 signatures to attorney Katreisa Crummie and attorney Shelleu Corley.

Update 1/12/2022: Animal Victory has learned that the arraignment is scheduled for 4/13/2022.

Update 12/3/2021: Animal Victory has learned that a new court date has been scheduled for December 15 at 1:00 p.m.

Update 10/07/2021: Kyles failed to show up for court again.  Now, the police have to personally serve him;  a new court date will be assigned after that happens.

Update 8/8/2021: Animal Victory has learned that Marcus Kyles failed to show up for court on 8/4/2021, where he was set to be arraigned on charges. According to WKRG, the judge is giving him one more chance to appear, and sending officers to serve him the court summons in person, before issuing a warrant if he fails to appear again on Sept. 1, 2021, scheduled court date. Animal Victory also learned that city officials have enacted an ordinance that restricts the amount of time that a dog can be tethered. Read more about the ordinance at this link.

Update 7/21/2021: Animal Victory has sent 31,198 signatures and comments along with our petition letter to attorney Katreisa Crummie.

Update 7/09/2021: Animal Victory has learned that the next scheduled court date is 8/4/2021 at 1:00 p.m.

Update 3/10/2021: Animal Victory has been informed that Kyles has an arraignment scheduled on 4/21/21 for his five charges of Failure to provide food, water, and shelter, Improper disposal of a dead animal, Failure to vaccinate, Failure to get a license, Cruelty to dog/cat

Update 2/11/2021: Animal Victory has been in contact with prosecuting attorney Katriesa Crummie, and we have confirmed that she has received the petition. We are awaiting information about the upcoming court date and the petition will be updated with that information as soon as Animal Victory receives it.

Update 2/5/2021: Find the five charges/citations that Marcus Kyles is facing for Tazi’s death below.

Update 01/29/2020: Marcus Kyles’ arraignment was on December 16, 2020. Today we sent 25,573 signatures along with our letter of intent to City of Mobile Animal Control director Corrie Hoium, Chief Lawrence Battiste, Mobile Police Department, Mayor Stimpson to get more answers. Read our letter here. No one at any of these offices has given us the courtesy of a reply or answer to any of our letters to date.

Update 12/11/2020: Today we sent 25,411 signatures to the City of Mobile Animal Control director Corrie Hoium. Read our letter here.

Marcus Kyles has been investigated and charged.

Update 11/30/2020: Today we sent our third letter and 23,980 signatures to Mayor Stimpson, Chief Lawrence Battiste, and the Mobile County Animal Control Advisory Board. Read our letters here and here.

Update 11/19/2020: Charges have been filed against Marcus Kyles, the man believed to be Tazi’s owner. Kyles is facing multiple charges, including cruelty to dog/cat, Failure to License, Failure to provide food/water or shelter, Failure to vaccinate, and Improper Disposal of a dead animal. Arraignment is scheduled for 12/16/2020.

Update 11/16/2020: We have not had a response from the Mayor’s office or Chief Lawrence Battiste’s office from the Mobile Police Department. Today Animal Victory sent a second letter to Mayor Stimpson and Chief Lawrence Battiste along with over 19500 signatures. Our return receipt letter and signatures will also be snail-mailed to the Mayor’s office and Chief Lawrence Battiste.

Update 11/16/2020Read our letter to Mobile County Animal Control Advisory Board here

Update 11/4/2020: Read our letter to Mayor Stimpson and Chief Lawrence Battiste here


* Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Dog Slowly Suffered And Died On The End Of A Chain: Demand Investigation And Charges!

16,310 signatures = 41% of goal

16,310 DeAnn Hill Jun 30, 2022
16,309 Olga Espinoza Jun 23, 2022
16,308 stephanie sharpe Jun 16, 2022
16,307 Debbie Mccollum Jun 12, 2022
16,306 Laura Huntly Jun 01, 2022
16,305 Crystal Taylor May 30, 2022
16,304 Sara Sampkin May 29, 2022
16,303 Janice VanMarter May 29, 2022
16,302 Christina Petridou May 25, 2022
16,301 Marion Friedl May 21, 2022
16,300 oscar de jong May 21, 2022
16,299 Christine Rustad May 19, 2022
16,298 eugene henry May 17, 2022
16,297 Alessia Di Buono May 14, 2022
16,296 Julie G This dog deserves justice. Lock that bastard away for a long time. May 13, 2022
16,295 Jennifer Piotrowski May 07, 2022
16,294 ray Fox May 06, 2022
16,293 Ava Fox May 06, 2022
16,292 Ava Fox May 06, 2022
16,291 Angela Dennis May 05, 2022
16,290 Chris Horton May 04, 2022
16,289 Ira Kusumaningrum This is beyond CRUEL!!! Shame on all those people who ignored Tazi! Heartless! May 04, 2022
16,288 Tammy Dillon May 03, 2022
16,287 Tricia Gibson Excuse me! The freaking Mayor and Animal Control are also the cause of the death of this innocent animal. If they had done their damn job and got him off that chain and rescued him, he would not suffered a horrific death!! Prosecute this piece of shit owner and not let him own anymore animals. May 02, 2022
16,286 Robin Crowder Let this poor dogs life mean something. Throw the book at this SOB and get some Justice for Tazi May 01, 2022
16,285 Helene Lepage Apply the law of retaliation! Apr 26, 2022
16,284 Kathryn Dursten Apr 25, 2022
16,283 Kate Dyrsten Apr 25, 2022
16,282 Kate Moon Apr 25, 2022
16,281Anonymous Apr 22, 2022