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Cruel Festival Event Has Bulls Chased, Tormented, And Then Brutally Stabbed – Take Action!

Published: June 14, 2022 at 04:58 PM Author: Penny Eims

Pamplona, Spain – Each July, thrill-seekers hoping to check a box from their bucket list travel to the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Spain, to witness or participate in the “Running of the Bulls” event.

While a small segment of society may see the Running of the Bulls as exciting, the vast majority see it for what it is – a violent spectacle that culminates in the brutal killing of the bulls in a ring after the chaotic street “race” concludes.

Every aspect of this annual event is inhumane. During the run, the terrified bulls often slip, fall, and crash into walls and barriers – suffering injuries that will never be tended to, while surrounded by a loud mob of uncaring participants and spectators.

The website for the bull run clearly outlines what happens to these exploited animals, as well as to some of the human participants:

Barriers and fences are placed to corral the bulls along the city center streets to the bullring, where they will later face their demise. Since 1910, 16 people have died while participating in the bull runs, the majority from being gored.

Please add your name to the petition today. We will be forwarding your signatures and comments to the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, along with our demand for an end to this torturous event. Additionally, please SHARE this petition to raise awareness about the cruelty behind the Running of the Bulls event and the subsequent bullfights that are inherently torturous and cruel.

Attention Mayor Enrique Maya:

We the undersigned demand that the Running of the Bulls and bullfight events at the San Fermín festival be terminated. The majority of people in Spain are against bullfighting and in many countries, these abhorrent and exploitive spectacles have been banned. We urge you to be a true leader and bring an end to these disdainful events that have fallen from favor around the world.

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Cruel Festival Event Has Bulls Chased, Tormented, And Then Brutally Stabbed - Take Action!

10,977 signatures = 37% of goal

10,977 Jeffrey Deering This isn't entertainment. It's the torment of an animal. Culture and graffiti aren't excuses for animal abuse. We know more now and should do better. Jul 02, 2022
10,976 Kelly Loehe Horrible. Jul 01, 2022
10,975 Carolyn Stasik It takes real 'men' to continue torturing an animal who was already tortured behind the scenes to look like a strong man. These people who torture the bulls in the ring and during the running of the bulls are nothing but cowards. Bullfighting and torture needs to be outlawed. The hell with tradition! Jul 01, 2022
10,974 Sarah Lockerman Jul 01, 2022
10,973 M.H. Lynch These men are cowards and bullies!! This whole cruel charade should be outlawed and STOPPED immediately. Jul 01, 2022
10,972 Koschka Bahr Jul 01, 2022
10,971 Hanneke Bekhof Jul 01, 2022
10,970 Annette Bailey Anyone who thinks bullfighting is okay enjoy seeing the cruelty of other living beings this should be shut down a long time ago that Society continuously supports evil unfair Bowl destruction and torture and murder tells you with Society is really all about and how humans are Jul 01, 2022
10,969 Laurence Vanham Jul 01, 2022
10,968 Vanina BESSE Jul 01, 2022
10,967 Omaida Valentin Please arrest all those people that tormented the bulls Jul 01, 2022
10,966 Robert Ambos Jul 01, 2022
10,965 Drue Brown Jul 01, 2022
10,964 aude duval Jul 01, 2022
10,963 Dagmar Görz-Lenzen This barbaric ABUSE has to be stopped at once. Show these MURDERERS your personal RED CARD- BOYCOTT the insane abusers, please! NO HOLIDAYS in Spain, NO CENT into the claws od vile, evil, self-loving sociopaths. Jul 01, 2022
10,962 Julie Neathey Jul 01, 2022
10,961 Megan Sheahan Jun 30, 2022
10,960 Sandra McLaurin MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT FOR THIS CRIME! Jun 30, 2022
10,959 Gina Gehricke This is sickening beyond!!! This must end if we are to consider ourselves even minimally civilized. Jun 30, 2022
10,958 Leah Kirgis Jun 30, 2022
10,957 KAY SMITH These IODIOTS!!! They must feel this pain in which they are doing and the intense abuse. This MUST be STOPPED!!!! These people are INSANE! Jun 30, 2022
10,956 Janet Gilson Jun 30, 2022
10,955 Sherry Nillissen Jun 30, 2022
10,954 Marion Harrington Jun 30, 2022
10,953 Corinne Wolpe Bullfighting is barbaric. Shame on people for indulging in such cruelty! Jun 30, 2022
10,952 Stéphanie Rossenu Jun 30, 2022
10,951 Cheyne Ryan Jun 30, 2022
10,950 Miriam Ivaldi Jun 30, 2022
10,948Anonymous Jun 30, 2022