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Cruel Festival Event Has Bulls Chased, Tormented, And Then Brutally Stabbed – Take Action!

Published: June 14, 2022 at 04:58 PM Author: Penny Eims

Pamplona, Spain – Each July, thrill-seekers hoping to check a box from their bucket list travel to the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Spain, to witness or participate in the “Running of the Bulls” event.

While a small segment of society may see the Running of the Bulls as exciting, the vast majority see it for what it is – a violent spectacle that culminates in the brutal killing of the bulls in a ring after the chaotic street “race” concludes.

Every aspect of this annual event is inhumane. During the run, the terrified bulls often slip, fall, and crash into walls and barriers – suffering injuries that will never be tended to, while surrounded by a loud mob of uncaring participants and spectators.

The website for the bull run clearly outlines what happens to these exploited animals, as well as to some of the human participants:

Barriers and fences are placed to corral the bulls along the city center streets to the bullring, where they will later face their demise. Since 1910, 16 people have died while participating in the bull runs, the majority from being gored.

Please add your name to the petition today. We will be forwarding your signatures and comments to the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, along with our demand for an end to this torturous event. Additionally, please SHARE this petition to raise awareness about the cruelty behind the Running of the Bulls event and the subsequent bullfights that are inherently torturous and cruel.

Attention Mayor Enrique Maya:

We the undersigned demand that the Running of the Bulls and bullfight events at the San Fermín festival be terminated. The majority of people in Spain are against bullfighting and in many countries, these abhorrent and exploitive spectacles have been banned. We urge you to be a true leader and bring an end to these disdainful events that have fallen from favor around the world.

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Cruel Festival Event Has Bulls Chased, Tormented, And Then Brutally Stabbed - Take Action!

11,544 signatures = 38% of goal


11,544 Tina Kim Dec 01, 2022
11,543 Deborah Snyder Nov 26, 2022
11,542 Wendy Nolan Nov 23, 2022
11,541 matilde damian Nov 20, 2022
11,540 Dana Dykes Nov 19, 2022
11,539 Elisabeth Jost Nov 18, 2022
11,538 Kim Fischer This has been a sick tradition for years, by Subhumans that can't think of anything better to do but torture animals. Nov 17, 2022
11,537 Gwendolyn Hayward Nov 11, 2022
11,536 Wendy Anderson Nov 04, 2022
11,535 irina rus Nov 02, 2022
11,534 Ginnette Simmonds Oct 25, 2022
11,533 Tuula Niemi this is no sport no fun its only torture and cruelty disgusting and it needs to stop Oct 25, 2022
11,532 Corinne Woitiez Oct 24, 2022
11,531 Irene Murray That’s cool bloodsport of innocent animals much Dart! Oct 23, 2022
11,530 Claire Sefiane Oct 20, 2022
11,529 Ursula Reyes Oct 20, 2022
11,528 Lisa Cairns Oct 19, 2022
11,527 Jo Berens Oct 17, 2022
11,526 Denise Carlson Oct 17, 2022
11,525 Tanya Barsoumian Oct 17, 2022
11,524 Nicholas Longo Oct 16, 2022
11,523 Amy Shepard Oct 14, 2022
11,522 Joslynne Young Oct 14, 2022
11,521 Colleen Bourgault Oct 10, 2022
11,520 Susan Krauss Oct 10, 2022
11,519 Patricia Jemiolo This needs to be stopped. These people are sick in what they are doing. Needs to stop now. No animals should have to go threw this. Oct 10, 2022
11,518 Martine VATANT Oct 09, 2022
11,517 Lady Lydia Santiago torture not culturr Oct 09, 2022
11,516 Robert Hensman Oct 08, 2022
11,515 LaNett Hall Oct 08, 2022