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30 Dead Dogs And Cats Found In Home Of Animal Rescue Director – The Animals Starved To Death

Published: June 06, 2022 at 03:49 PM Author: Penny Eims


Richland County, South Carolina – A woman who ran a non-profit animal rescue in South Carolina faces dozens of animal cruelty charges after the authorities made a chilling discovery inside her Columbia home on May 22. It was the smell of death that prompted a call leading deputies to the home of 47-year-old Caroline “Dawn” Pennington.

Pennington was the CEO and director of the nonprofit animal rescue, GROWL, and she was also employed by the Kershaw County Humane Society. But her affiliation with organizations dedicated to saving animal lives did not prevent her from letting 30 dogs and cats suffer slow and excruciating deaths inside of her home.

Graphic images reveal the horror of what took place inside Pennington’s Dibble Lane home.

Dogs and cats were left inside crates and wire cages, without food or water, until death ultimately freed them from their agonizing misery.

One particularly grim image shows a dead dog, with its head laying in an empty food dish.

Sheriff Lott commented on the well-known rescuer:

“It’s appalling and it’s heartbreaking. This is someone who was entrusted by the community to care for these animals and find them homes. She betrayed that trust, and she betrayed the trust of these innocent animals who relied on her.”

Dawndy Mercer Plank, a veteran reporter with WIS-TV, said this case is among the worst animal cruelty situations she has ever covered.

Ironically, in 2019 Pennington stated that it was “inhumane” to let animals go without food and water. She was quoted in the Augusta Chronicle and was referencing troubling conditions at an animal shelter:

“The animals in Allendale did not and do not deserve to have to endure these conditions. Something must change immediately. This should be a priority to anyone in the county. Letting animals go without food, water and basic care is simply inhumane,”

The very thing that Pennington referred to as “inhumane” happened to the animals who were inside her home, under her care. These animals relied on this woman, and they were let down in the most heartbreaking way.

Please add your name to the petition as we fight for justice on behalf of the animals who were starved to death inside of her home. Pennington is facing 30 counts of ill-treatment of animals and we want her to be held accountable for each and every life she stole.

We the undersigned demand that Caroline “Dawn” Pennington is held responsible for the inhumane death of 28 dogs and two cats. We are petitioning for Pennington to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law, in addition to being prohibited from owning or residing with animals in the future. We also want Pennington to receive a mental evaluation and treatment if deemed necessary.

Details: Pennington was booked into the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center and she resigned from the Kershaw County Humane Society the day before the agency became aware of her arrest and charges.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.




Law and Crime

Update 3/13/2023: Animal Victory sent cover letter and petition to the judge.

Update 10/4/2022: The accused has 28 counts against her. The case is still pending. There is a new solicitor on the case. Animal Victory has sent 16,160 signatures to Solicitor Jessica Lourie.

Update 7/18/2022: Animal Victory has sent 15,925 signatures to Solicitor Brett West.  The court date will be held on July 29. View Case Summary Here Pennington (1)


30 Dead Dogs And Cats Found In Home Of Animal Rescue Director - The Animals Starved To Death

16,397 signatures = 82% of goal


16,397 Sherrie Darce Sep 30, 2023
16,396Anonymous If she does it to animals she'll do it to humans! DEATH PENALTY! Sep 28, 2023
16,395 Davina Gochenouer She should get the maximum penalty allowed, and never, ever, be allowed near animals again. What a fraud. She was supposed to be helping animals and instead tortured them. And I believe letting an animal starve to death is torture. Sep 25, 2023
16,394 Sally Wood This sick maniac must be brought to account and never allowed near an animal again Sep 24, 2023
16,393 Valerie Louden This woman was truly horrible to animals, starving them, ignoring them, torturing and murdering them.. She deserves long jail time, heavy, heavy fines, and NO PLEA DEALS, let her pay for her crimes, she earned it. Sep 24, 2023
16,392 Jo-Anne Blowers Sep 20, 2023
16,391Anonymous Sep 14, 2023
16,390 karen Wible Sep 13, 2023
16,389 Liz Lamb Sep 13, 2023
16,388 Ruth Tonkin Please stop these mentally ill monsters that hurt animals!!! Sep 12, 2023
16,387Anonymous Aug 28, 2023
16,386 Cierra B Aug 17, 2023
16,385 Cierra B Aug 17, 2023
16,384 C B Aug 17, 2023
16,383 C B Aug 17, 2023
16,382 E Froederberg Aug 16, 2023
16,381 Sheryl Myhan Aug 08, 2023
16,380 Alicia Kordonowy Aug 02, 2023
16,379 Linda DeBoer Jul 25, 2023
16,378 Dr Tracey Reed B.V.M.S. Jul 24, 2023
16,377 Galina Friend Jul 23, 2023
16,376 Rhonda Morris Jul 20, 2023
16,375 Marcy Rose Lehman Follow Through Prosecution to the fullest extent of the law without possibility of reinstatement or future employment in any government offering & stripping her/his license to never be issued again Jul 18, 2023
16,374 Crissy Jacobson Jul 17, 2023
16,373 Angie West Jul 17, 2023
16,372 Rachel Reagor Jul 16, 2023
16,371 Jason Cuevas Jul 16, 2023
16,370 Gina Badami Jul 08, 2023
16,369 Nancy Stephan Jun 23, 2023