Teen Stole Horse Recovering From Broken Hip, Rode Him Until He Couldn’t Stand, Then Dumped Him In Creek To Drown

Published: January 24, 2022 at 09:50 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Selma, Alabama – A despicable, and heartwrenching act of cruelty recently took place in Alabama, leaving a former racehorse dead in a tragic and unthinkable manner. The horse’s name was Yankey, and his owner, Vicky Stoudenmire, was nursing him back to health after he broke his hip. But before Yankey was healed, a 17-year-old broke through fencing at Stoudenmire’s property and whisked the recovering horse away.

Stealing Yankey was terrible, but what the teen did next is horrific. A video that was posted to social media revealed how Yankey was treated after being taken from his home. The horse who was not supposed to have anyone on his back during his recovery was ridden by the teen…and he was forced to run.

In the footage, a teen can be seen taking Yankey for a “joy ride,” and at one point, racing a car to see how fast the horse could run.  After a few days of running, the injured horse was too lame to stand. At this point, the teenager solicited help from 23-year-old Terrius Smith, who helped load Yankey into a trailer.

The pair took Yankey to a creek, forced him out of the trailer, and left him in the murky water to drown. Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson has stated that Yankey’s leg was broken because of the way he was ridden; the horse was found with a compound break above his hock.

The way that Yankey was treated before dying breaks his owner’s heart. She said, “I get sick to my stomach thinking about how much pain he was in and how he was just treated so poorly.”

The teenager is facing a second-degree theft of property and aggravated animal cruelty charge and his case will be handled in juvenile court. Smith is also charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Please add your name to the petition today. Yankey was stolen and tortured before being dumped in a creek to die – this is an appalling crime that must not go unpunished!

We the undersigned demand that the suspects responsible for torturing and killing Yankey receive the maximum punishment allowable by law.

Note: Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.



Selma Times Journal


Terrius Smith

Update 2/09/2024: Terrius Smith sentence was pronounced on 1/22/2024. His charge was reduced to “Receiving stolen property” a 3rd degree misdemeanor. As part of a plea agreement, he received a 13-month suspended sentence, 12-month supervised probation, pay restitution to the owner of $500. Sentence was pronounced by Honorable Collins Pettaway, Jr., Circuit Judge. P.O. Box 1225 102 Church St., Courthouse Annex Selma, AL 36702 (334) 874-2510. Animal Victory is deeply disappointed with this sentence given the extraordinary cruelty of the crime. We are, however, pleased that the case was not dismissed. 

Update 3/28/2023:  Animal Victory sent cover letter and petition to the judge.

Update 9/26/22: The felony indictment was disposed of on June 28, 2022. However, the trial began in April. The case was moved to circuit court after the indictment. The next court date is not until May 8, 2023. 

Update 8/01/2022: Animal Victory has sent 22,844 signatures to District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Update 7/07/2022: Smith was placed in the Dallas County Jail under a $15,000 bond. We have been told he has since bonded out but will have his day in court in the coming weeks. The teen’s case is being handled by the juvenile courts.  The scheduled court date is September 8.

Update: As of January 26, Animal Victory has been told that the primary person accused in this crime is 17, and because of his age, there is no information that can be released. Terrius Smith, the individual who was contacted to help, is charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Animal Victory has sent 19,073 signatures to District Attorney Michael Jackson

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Teen Stole Horse Recovering From Broken Hip, Rode Him Until He Couldn’t Stand, Then Dumped Him In Creek To Drown

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445 William B. This sentence by the judge is a complete travesty of justice! This thug will learn nothing by this sentence except that he can do it again and expect probation! $800 lousy dollars for punishment for the horrible pain and suffering endured by this poor horse. I hope the citizens of this community find a way to get that liberal lenient judge off the bench! Mar 06, 2024
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439 Billie C. This was not just a case of theft this was a case of torture and murder of an innocent animal. Why do people think that their actions of animal cruelty are ok? I plead with the court to make this person serve time for his actions instead of a slap on the wrist. May our country do better when it comes to animal abuse in any way!!! Mar 05, 2024
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420 Elke H. widerlich was er getan hat. das gleiche sollte ihm geschehen. oder 10-20 jahre einsperren ins härteste gefängnis der Welt Mar 03, 2024
419 Roxanne P. The poor horse went thru so much pain and then killed by this POS and then gets a slap on the wrist by the judge. This judge has no heart or compassion for animals. He probably enjoys inflicting pain and abuse on animals himself. Mar 03, 2024
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411 jean p. ten years in jail. lousy subhuman doesnt deserve to live he is so cruel. absolutely disgusting sub human being. not fit to be in civilization ever Mar 02, 2024
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