Stop Using Live Pigs As Crash Test Dummies In China

Published: February 06, 2020 at 12:19 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

China – An unspeakably cruel practice is currently happening in China. Live pigs are being strapped into car seats and then smashed into walls at a high rate of speed. The impact leaves the pigs with severe injuries to their bones and internal organs; a large number of these pigs are killed immediately.

These brutal tests are being conducted by China’s Institute for Traffic Medicine, and live animals are being used even though there are sophisticated animal-free models which actually provide more accurate information about how crashes impact humans.

Years ago, American car makers learned that these live-animal tests were worthless. Pigs are intelligent animals who can experience fear and feel pain – putting them through these unnecessary crash tests is abhorrent.

Please join us in asking China to bring an end this barbaric form of testing!

PETA has outlined the type of testing these sentient animals are subjected to, writing:

Experimenters tied live pigs to a metal sled for eight hours without providing them with water or food, screwed a metal block into their pelvis, inserted electrodes into their abdomen, slammed them into a wall—which caused multiple fractures and severe injuries to the animals’ spine, pelvis, and internal organs—and killed and dissected them.

These tests are barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary. Further, they do not even provide accurate information! It is time for China to end this antiquated method of crash testing and stop subjecting pigs to unimaginable pain and suffering. Your signatures will be presented to:

Dr. Jihong Zhou
Director of the Institute for Traffic Medicine

Dr. Lin Zhou
President of Daping Hospital (parent institution)



Dr. Jihong Zhou 

Dr. Lin Zhou

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