Sign: Vile Man Forced Restrained Victim To Watch Dog Burn To Death In Barrel

Published: August 18, 2023 at 02:23 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

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Allegany County, NY – A New York man is accused of an unspeakable crime, so cruel that even the headline is difficult to read. According to the New York State Police, 33-year-old Jeremy J. Vankuren held a man against his will, restraining him in a chair and forcing him to watch an elderly dog burn to death in a barrel.

We know the details of this case are hard to read. They are hard for us to write about as well. But we implore you to find the courage to add your name to the petition to help put this evil man away for as long as possible.

A news release states that the authorities received a complaint of possible animal cruelty on June 28, 2023. The release states that the investigation:

“determined that Vankuren had people at his residence on County Route 23 in the town of Hume on June 19, 2023. Allegedly during that time, Vankuren forcefully restrained a 28-year-old victim to a chair outside the residence.”

The restrained victim, reported to be a friend of Vankuren’s, was forced to watch Vankuren’s own red-nosed pitbull die a torturous death in a burning barrel. According to sources, Vankuren was irritated because the 13-year-old dog was “annoying him” during a party. The individual who was initially a friend but became a victim had reportedly attempted to intervene on behalf of the dog before Vankuren bound him to a chair and forced him to watch the senior dog get burned alive in the barrel.

The victim was held against their will for “multiple hours.” The authorities executed a search warrant and found the remains of the burned dog, in addition to other “items relating to the incident.”

Trooper James O’Callaghan commented on the deviant act:

“for someone to take their own pet and burn it alive, while also tying someone else down to a chair, it does make you curious as to what is the possibility of this person doing something else?”

Vankuren was arrested on June 29 for Kidnapping 2nd degree (B Felony), Aggravated Animal Cruelty (E Felony), Menacing 3rd degree (B Misdemeanor), Torturing/Injuring Failure to Provide Sustenance (A Misdemeanor), and Obstruction of Governmental Administration (A Misdemeanor). He was remanded to the Allegany County Jail for $20k cash and $40k bond.

If you are as horrified by what Vankuren did as we are, please add your name to the petition now! And please share the petition with other animal welfare advocates to help Animal Victory fight for justice. There is power in numbers and we need as many signatures as possible.

We the undersigned demand that Jeremy J. Vankuren face the maximum punishment for each and every charge stemming from the June 19 incident involving a man who was forcibly restrained and subjected to watching an elderly dog get burned alive in a barrel. What Vankuren did is sadistic and he must be punished severely enough to prevent him from ever harming another living being. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


NYPD Press Release

Buffalo News

Update 10/12/2023: Animal Victory sent petition to the DA and the court. 

Update 8/29/2023: Animal Victory has learned that the District Attorney prosecuting this case is Ian Jones, prosecuting office case # 20231622. The defendant just made bail. There was a bail review and the next event will be sending the case to the Grand Jury. 


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Sign: Vile Man Forced Restrained Victim To Watch Dog Burn To Death In Barrel

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