Sign: Stop Washington State Officials From Slaughtering Another Wolf Pack!

Published: February 06, 2020 at 11:13 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Washington – This week, Washington State Wildlife officials issued an order for members of the Grouse Flats wolf pack to be hunted down and killed. This directive comes hot on the heels of the state’s slaughtering of every member of the Old Profanity Territory wolf pack from Washington’s northern Kettle River Mountain Range.

Enough is enough! The state cannot continue to kill every wolf pack that encounters ranchers’ cattle.

It did not take long for state hired sharp-shooters to kill each and every wolf in the Old Profanity wolf pack. Have no doubt, the same fate awaits the wolves in the Grouse Flats pack. It doesn’t matter if they are old, in the prime of their life, or are young cubs – if the order has been given for lethal removal, they will all be killed.

In a press release, Director Kelly Susewind explained the decision to take out the Grouse Flats wolf pack, “Despite proactive non-lethal efforts and deterrents by multiple producers affected, this pack has continued to prey on cattle. While not an easy decision, this step is part of mitigating wolf-livestock conflict if non-lethal measures cease to prevent incidences of wolves preying on livestock.”

Plans are in the works for state shooters to be sent out to kill the state-endangered wolves which belong to this pack. Why? Wolves do not create profit – cattle do. We are heartsick that these majestic animals will be hunted and killed.

We hope to get as many signatures as possible to send to Director Susewind to get this lethal order stopped! Time is of the essence and lives depend on a strong show of support.

Note: In August we created a petition to stop the slaughtering of the Old Profanity Territory Wolf Pack and garnered 2183 signatures. In August a judge did rule against the state, ordering the slaughter to be halted, but the mandate came too late; the remaining wolves had already been killed.

Update:  We have sent 3508 signatures and comments by all of us to the Director of Washington Dept Fish & Wildlife today. Please continue to sign and share.

Update 12/10/19: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has agreed to look into non-lethal means to prevent wolf attacks on cattle. The agency will meet with an advisory group, and ranchers, to come up with a non-lethal plan. This new plan is scheduled to be released by May 1.

Update 10/23/19: Governor Jay Inslee has reached out to Director Kelly Susewind and asked him to find ways “to significantly reduce the need for lethal removal of this species.” Governor Inslee has acknowledged public outrage over the wolf killings and he has told Director Susewind that he must report back on the situation by December 1. 

Please continue to sign and share this petition. Washington State officials are taking notice, thank you!

Update 10/9/19: Washington Fish and Wildlife officials killed the pack’s breeding female in late September. The department is holding off on more killing to see if there are any further attacks on wildlife. Thanks to a radio collar on one of the wolves, officials can track the pack if they choose to continue lethally removing members of the pack. Please continue to Sign and Share.

Update:  We have sent 3508 signatures and comments by all of us to the Director of Washington Dept Fish & Wildlife today. Please continue to sign and share.

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