Sign: Man Charged For Hitting, Kicking Boyfriend’s Small Dog In Elevator

Published: April 12, 2023 at 08:50 PM Author: PENNY EIMS

Bronx, NY – A Bronx man is facing animal cruelty charges after he was caught on security cameras repeatedly kicking his boyfriend’s small dog. The man is identified as 33-year-old Trinton Hatton, and the three small dogs in the videos belong to his partner, Nashon Brown.

The video footage is difficult to watch. A small dog is repeatedly struck by the man, and then the man can be seen kicking the pup hard enough for it to strike the opposite side of the elevator.

The videos began circulating on social media and the deluge of people contacting the authorities resulted in an arrest and the removal of the dogs from their owner.

The public outcry led to the seizure of the dogs on Monday, April 10.

If you feel outraged by the video depicting Trinton Hatton’s violent attack on a small dog, we urge you to sign the petition. Anyone who is capable of harming an innocent, defenseless animal poses a threat and must face swift and severe consequences.

We the undersigned demand that Trinton Hatton is held responsible for his violent attack on a small dog. We are petitioning for Hatton to receive the maximum punishment allowable by law for the charges stemming from his abusive behavior. At sentencing, we also hope to see Hatton prohibited from owning or residing with animals in the future. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Final Update January 2024: This case was completed in November of 2023. The abuser, Trinton Hatton, pled guilty to one misdemeanor. His sentencing included a 10-year animal ban and he had to register with New York’s Animal Abuse registry as an animal abuser. Animal Victory thanks everyone who signed the petition, helping us to keep this case in front of court officials and prevent it from being dismissed! While we hoped for a stronger sentence, we are pleased that Hatton is banned from owning animals for the next ten years and that he must register himself as an animal abuser. 

Update 10/19/2023: Trinton Hatton’s next court appearance is scheduled for 11/27/2023. The Judge is TBD.

Update 6/13/2023: Animal Victory sent petition to the DA’s office. 

Update 5/15/2023: The first court case was held on May 11 in Bronx, NY. In court, the ASPCA presented the facts of the cruelty case and their recommendation for the dogs to be surrendered, in addition to a demand of a $9000 bond to be paid within five days. Trinton Hatton pleaded not guilty, despite the videos showing the savage beatings. A representative of In Defense of Animals was in the courtroom and witnessed Nashon Brown hurling expletives at the assistant District Attorney and another person. The outburst was bad enough that the police had to step in. The court will reconvene on June 5, allowing the judge to review the recommendations. 

Update 5/12/2023: Animal Victory sent petition to the judge. 

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Sign: Man Charged For Hitting, Kicking Boyfriend’s Small Dog In Elevator

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