Sign: Justice For Dog Hanged And Left To Die In Wooded Area Near Shelter

Published: June 19, 2024 at 11:50 AM Author: PENNY EIMS

Floyd County, Kentucky – In a wooded area, not far from the Floyd County Animal Shelter, a horrific act of animal cruelty took place earlier this month, claiming the life of a dog who suffered tremendously before dying. Days ago, the shelter shared the painful details of the dog’s death, explaining how his body was found on a trail not far from the shelter facility.

According to the shelter, someone had dumped spoiled raw meat off the shelter property, up a hill. Employees drove to the area to see if the meat had been cleaned up and they encountered a gray dog, who they dubbed Ludwik- which means one who is strong and capable of surviving. Ludwik was loaded into their vehicle to be taken back to the shelter, but as soon as they let him out of the car, he ran back to the wood line, and barked as if trying to tell them something.

The shelter post explains:

We knew he was trying to show us something but we didn’t expect to see this. We walked over to see another dog hanging dead from a tree. A rope tied so tightly around his neck and to a tree with the slightest bit of slack, this dog died slowly and painfully. We immediately ran over to try and help him but he has been gone for a few days. Ludwik laid beside his dead friend nuzzling it’s body with his nose, whimpering and looking at us as if he was saying “help him, he needs help!” We tried to load Ludwik back up but he refused to leave his friend’s side until he was helped.


“We sat there crying not knowing what to do and trying to understand how someone could do this to an animal they once loved?”

Shelter manager Allison Cobern described injuries on the deceased dog’s face, and how she could tell that he desperately fought to live:

“That dog bashed his face up or maybe he was already bashed up before they tied him up. Maybe they beat him. We don’t know. There’s claw marks in the tree where he tried his best to just be able to breathe just to live a little bit longer.”

Ludwik is safe, but his friend is gone forever, and the shelter wants to know who is responsible for ending his life in such a gruesome, cruel manner. The slain dog is described as an intact red pit with a white chest and cropped ears. 

 To view unblurred images of the slain dog, CLICK HERE Warning: GRAPHIC and- disturbing!

Do you recognize this knot? It may provide a clue about who did this.

TARGET: Floyd County Sheriff


Animal Victory wants to get this horrific situation out to the public. The more people who are aware of what happened, the better the odds are of someone coming forward with a tip. A tip can lead to an arrest and charges, and with your support, that person(s) can be sentenced to significant jail time! Please sign the petition today and share it to help raise awareness about this unthinkable, appalling incident. 

Individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Animal Victory relies upon the authorities and the court system to determine guilt or innocence.


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Update 7/3/2024: Animal Victory sent petition to the Prestonsburg Police Department.  

Justice For Dog Hanged And Left To Die In Wooded Area Near Shelter

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